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Vancouver, B.C.

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From Ottawa to Vancouver, Improving is changing the perception of the IT industry. Our rich, diverse culture and innovative technologists allow us to not only meet but exceed our client's expectations. Discover what makes our Canadian family unique!

Nestled in beautiful British Columbia, Canada is our Improving Vancouver office!

Known as Bit Quill until becoming part of Improving in 2022, we have provided unparalleled back-end software development services to software and technology companies since 2017. We are known for creating high-quality, back-end software for world class companies in the data and cloud space, nurturing strong collaborative customer relationships, and our absolute commitment to accountability. As more of the world processes, accesses moves and analyzes data, Improving - Vancouver will continue to support the need for reliable and innovative back-end software.

Vancouver, B.C.

116 W 6th Avenue
Suite 300
Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 1K6
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Our President

Kyle Porter headshot
Two ingredients that are key to crafting amazingly successful technical outcomes are incredible, talented people and strong, trusting relationships; it is how we work as a team that determines our success.

Vancouver Executive Team

Ray Lum

Vice President of Engineering

Asrai Porter

Vice President of People

Alexey Temnikov

Senior Software Development Manager

Jared LaRue

Software Development Manager

Kazim Ali Tabrez Mir

Software Development Manager

Matthew Hsu

Software Development Manager

Sunelle Pink

People & Development Manager

Arseny Kostenko

Software Development Manager

Elen Ghulam

Software Development Manager
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Software Development & Managed IT Consulting Services in Vancouver, B.C.

Our Vancouver enterprise (formerly Bit Quill) specializes in developing data, cloud, and software solutions for our clients. With a technical focus on developer experience, query processing, data mapping, microservices, and more, you can rely on our talented developers and engineers to build even the most complex products and systems.

Software Engineering in Vancouver

Our software engineering team has a rich history of developing back-end systems in the data and cloud space for some of the world's largest companies (and a few of the smallest ones, too!) Our reputation is built on delivering high-quality software, a collaborative approach to design and development, and a love for good technology and happy customers.

IT Consulting in Vancouver

Our IT consulting team works alongside your stakeholders to identify, guide, and implement the most innovative and modern technology solutions to help accelerate your organization's digital transformation journey. When you work with us, you leverage not just the expertise of the individuals you work with directly, but also the expertise of the entire company.

Agile Training in Vancouver

Our world-class coaches and instructors train organizations, teams, and individuals on how to adopt and apply modern agile practices in order to improve their operational output and efficiency. We regularly host a wide range of training topics, such as Scrum, Kanban, and Software Development, in a variety of classroom settings to provide the most flexible learning environment possible.

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