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Your Trusted IT Consulting Partners In Canada

With a strong presence across four key locations in Canada, Improving is at the forefront of providing best-in-class IT consulting services as a leading systems integrator for public and private sector clients from coast to coast. Our Canadian teams bring a unique blend of local insights and global expertise, delivering customized solutions that drive our customers’ digital transformation initiatives. In addition to delivering our expertise in IT and software consulting, our Improving team continually strives to make a positive impact by focusing on our values of excellence, involvement, and dedication. We maintain these core values by ensuring that we focus on building trust with our customers and partners, encouraging our team to engage in rewarding company initiatives and programs, and supporting local communities across Canada through charitable events and other initiatives. Discover how our dedicated Canadian offices can empower your organization to thrive in today’s modern technology landscape.

Empowering Businesses Through Innovative Technology  Solutions

As leading systems integrators and IT consulting experts, our Canadian offices offer a wide range of services designed to meet the unique needs of businesses across Canada and the US. From sophisticated software development and insightful IT consulting to comprehensive Agile training and the latest technology solutions, we are committed to empowering our clients with the tools and knowledge necessary for success in the digital age. Explore our range of services and discover how our Canadian teams can propel your business forward.

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Application Modernization & Application Development

The applications of today demand faster response times, higher data throughput, the ability to rapidly scale up and down to meet demand, and improved user experiences. At Improving, we provide the expertise and leadership required to help our clients overcome these challenges through our proven approach to application modernization. We will closely work with your organization’s business and technology teams to develop highly responsive, scalable, and resilient cloud-native applications in accordance with your organization’s strategic needs. With our proven track record in Reactive Architecture, Domain Driven Design, Cloud-Native Application Development (Scala and Akka), and DevOps, our team has been instrumental in introducing transformational change into organizations across the public sector, and other industries that include hospitality and tourism, logistics, and financial services.

AI & Machine Learning

Whether it involves creating a powerful yet accessible application to access, manage, and provision AI & Machine Learning resources for scientific research, or utilizing AI solutions on the cloud to optimize document processing workflows for public sector organizations, Improving’s expertise in AI & ML can help your organization remain competitive, move with greater agility in the marketplace, optimize the delivery of services, and implement transformative solutions that can elevate your capacity for innovation and productivity. 

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Platform Engineering  

From developing fast, secure, and customizable solutions on cloud landing zones to producing industry-leading applications leveraging the power of the cloud, our platform engineering team has worked with an array of enterprises and public sector departments and agencies to address many of the technological challenges that they face when delivering solutions to customers, citizens, and other stakeholders across the country. We leverage our partnership with Google Cloud to deliver solutions that utilize best-of-breed technologies on the cloud and have expertise in other cloud platforms such as Azure & AWS. Our consulting services in platform engineering include: 

  • Cloud Landing Zones

  • Cloud-Native Application Development

  • Lift & Shift - VM & Database Migrations

  • Modernization - Cloud-Native App Refactoring

Business Agility

In today’s volatile world, organizations need to transform their ways of working to stay competitive. At Improving we focus on enabling this transformation through practices, tools, and techniques that empower response to change, rather than react to it. Our Agile coaches have guided organizations in transforming the way in which projects are delivered and how work is performed through our Improving Delivery Framework, ACT. This proven model uses core Agile principles, resulting in enhanced productivity, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement, and providing the ability to react with agility to evolving requirements and priorities. To support this transformation, we provide a wide range of Agile training courses and resources with a focus on practical frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, and others. Improving has helped some of the largest organizations in the world adopt Agile value resulting in more successful projects, better team collaboration, and heightened customer and employee satisfaction, ultimately enabling organizations to navigate the complexities of their digital transformation journey.

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Data Analytics

In the era of big data, we understand the importance of data analytics - data is the lifeblood of organizations and is a critical component in making informed decisions, enhancing operational efficiency, and creating new revenue streams. As the velocity, volume, and complexity of data increase, organizations need effective tools to convert this data into actionable insights. Our data analytics services have been instrumental in helping empower organizations to predict future trends, make data-driven decisions, gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets, and gain strategic insights that will allow them to flourish in today’s data-driven world. Our Data Analytics services cover the following areas:

  • Data Engineering

  • Analytics & Visualization

  • Data Science, AI & ML

Custom Data Connectors

Custom data connectors serve as important facilitators of efficient data integration, enabling organizations to navigate and harness large volumes of data from diverse sources seamlessly. They not only ensure real-time access and synchronization of data across different platforms, but also provide scalable, tailored solutions that enhance data security, drive cost efficiency, and accelerate decision-making processes, making them invaluable assets in a data-driven world. At Improving, our expertise in creating custom data connectors has benefited some of the largest technology companies in the world through our development of custom connectors for the following platforms:

  • Arrow Flight

  • Salesforce

  • Power BI   

  • OBDC

  • Spark

  • SAP

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Database Expertise & Business Intelligence

With our extensive expertise in database internals, SQL engines, and performance optimizations, we're dedicated to providing our clients with efficient and seamless database solutions that enhance your data handling and operational efficiency. By implementing robust authentication services, advanced federation techniques, and efficient APIs, we aim to fortify your database access security and streamline integration, with a focus on improving your system's performance to meet your specific strategic and business needs. 

Our business intelligence service integrates top analytics platforms such as Tableau and Power BI with the open-source transformation tool, DBT, to provide our clients with an effective data management system. Leveraging unique connectivity frameworks, we provide seamless data source integration, creating a unified data view across business functions. We prioritize client ecosystem integration, tailoring our solutions to enhance your existing IT infrastructure, thereby streamlining your data analytics and management strategy.

SAP Analytics

We have a strong partnership with SAP in providing industry-leading enterprise solutions to ensure that we are leveraging best-of-breed SAP technologies to successfully implement and leverage SAP Analytics for clients in the Finance, Utilities, Mining, CPG, and Construction industries. Our SAP Analytics services include:

  • Consolidation

  • Planning

  • Analytics

  • Technical

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Microsoft Azure & Power Platform

As we continually strive to innovate on our industry solutions for our clients, we continue to leverage Microsoft's Azure and Power Platform to deliver solutions that empower mining and asset-heavy businesses to gather, store, model, and visualize data. This focus allows our clients within these verticals to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability. We incorporate advanced analytics, making use of Microsoft Cognitive Services and other machine learning capabilities, and have established ourselves as experts in implementing Azure and Power Platform solutions for our clients across the U.S. and Canada. Our services spanning the Azure and Power Platforms include:

  • Data Analytics Discovery & Analysis

  • Data Analytics Architecture Design & Deployment

  • Microsoft End-To-End Analytics

  • Power Platform Development & Managed Services

  • Data Governance

  • Financial Modeling

A Trusted Technology Partner In Canada

Our Canadian enterprises have forged impactful relationships with businesses and public sector organizations across Canada by guiding them in their pathway to digital transformation. From some of Canada’s largest corporations to government departments and agencies serving millions of Canadians, our expertise and work have helped transform organizations through new operational efficiencies, enhanced delivery of products and services, cost savings, improved user experiences, greater agility and competitiveness in the market, and improved decision making.

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Improving’s Technology Partners In Canada

From Google Cloud to Microsoft, we have forged strategic partnerships with some of the leading technology providers in North America to provide our customers with solutions that are backed by best-of-breed technologies, unparalleled scalability and performance, and uncompromised security. Our collaborative relationships with these partners grant us exclusive access to cutting-edge technologies, allowing us to craft bespoke, scalable solutions that drive business transformation and growth. Leveraging the unique capabilities and resources provided by partners such as Google, Microsoft, SAP, Lightbend, Confluent, and,  we ensure that our customers always remain a step ahead in their digital transformation journey, ultimately enabling them to harness the full potential of their solutions.

By The Numbers: Our Impact In Canada

From coast to coast, we have engaged with commercial and public sector clients to deliver services and solutions that have helped them move forward with their digital transformations. Our collective successes are a direct result of the impact that we have made as a leader in IT consulting across Canada. When providing our expertise and solutions to our clients, our core focus has always been on establishing ourselves as trusted partners in your organization’s digital transformation journey. This approach has allowed us to successfully deliver digital transformation initiatives for over 100 clients across North America.

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Workplace Culture: Our Competitive Advantage

In an industry that thrives on innovation, our competitive advantage lies in our unique and empowering workplace culture. We have a culture that celebrates diversity, encourages continuous learning, and fosters a spirit of collaboration. This inclusive environment allows our teams to think creatively, solve challenges effectively, and continuously exceed client expectations. We are dedicated to building and advancing a great work culture that exemplifies teamwork, excellence, and fun by providing engaging programs for personal development, helping our local communities through internal initiatives, and ensuring that Improvers have the opportunity to meet their peers through monthly Come Together events and annual retreats.

Canadian Awards & Recognitions

Nationally recognized as a company that supports employee culture and a diverse and inclusive work environment, Improving is proud and honored to have received various awards that reaffirm that commitment.

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We are extremely proud to be a part of the Improving family and commend the culture, ethics, and diversity of this organization!

Join Our Canadian Team!

Are you ready to make a meaningful impact in the technology industry? We invite you to join our dynamic team in Canada and embark on a career filled with opportunities for growth and development. At our Canadian offices, you'll be part of a culture that values innovation, teamwork, and continuous learning. Begin your journey with us and let's shape the future of technology together.

Improving is committed to cultivating an inclusive, supportive, and diverse work environment where everyone can grow, thrive, and succeed. We foster a culture of trust, open communication, and respect for each individual's unique contributions and support diverse perspectives. Emphasizing continuous learning, Improving offers opportunities for professional development in a positive and supportive environment.


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As part of our commitment to equal access and opportunities, Improving ensures barrier-free recruitment and accommodations for job applicants with disabilities, maintaining an ongoing pledge towards accessibility and inclusivity in alignment with best practices and legislative requirements. 

If you have any questions or require assistance during the application process, please don't hesitate to contact us at or call (214)613-4444. Together, let's create a workplace where everyone can thrive.