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IT Consulting Services

Scale Your Business with Our IT Consulting Services 

Improving is a complete IT services company providing technology consulting and support for enterprise-level organizations. Our innovative solutions provide sustained and meaningful business value to our customers, giving the highest quality of expertise to each client that we have the privilege of working with. Below, you will get to know more about what we do and how our consultants can help with your individual needs. 

Software Consulting 

Software consulting is more than architectural diagrams and assessments. As a true partner, Improving is aligned with our clients in every step of the Software Development Lifecycle. A key tenet of success is providing business value to the organization in every project. Improving differentiates itself from other firms with our strong focus on training and coaching throughout the project. Improving’s software developers will build, design, launch, and maintain systems that are customized to fit your specifications while teaching your employees best practices within technologies, methodologies, and observability. Our expert consultants provide expertise, collaboration, and support as they troubleshoot and resolve technical problems, and install, upgrade, maintain, and evaluate products and services. Whether working in-person or virtually, we will provide hands-on training, guidance, and knowledge transfer. 

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Cloud Consulting

The cloud provides enhanced efficiency and flexibility, offering companies solutions with reliability, scalability, and automation. Improving focuses on harnessing these advantages via platform selection, implementation plans, architectural recommendations, tool selection, and modifying operating models. Simply repeating the same approach and processes that you develop for on-premise deployments compromises and limits your cloud journey. Improving's cloud consulting team will help you understand how to update your team approach, sizing, roles, and responsibilities. 

Data Strategy Consulting 

Modernizing your data platforms and strategy is critical to capture the advantages of modern data and cloud platforms, analytics, and transformative data insights enabled by AI/ML. Improving's data strategy consulting services will help you develop the required strategy and long-term roadmap that defines the people, processes, technology, and data needed to achieve business objectives. The outcome of these activities will include your specific requirements and Improving’s project-tested best practices resulting in a strategy that is both effective and practical. 

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Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting 

Data visualization, also known as analytics, makes all the difference in this competitive business climate, and our Business Intelligence (BI) consultants can advise you on how to make the most of it. Our consultants understand that extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling, and fact-based management all drive decision-making. Our Business Intelligence (BI) consulting services employ continuous iterative exploration of past business performances in order to gain insight and drive business planning through advanced analytics tools such as PowerBI. 

Microsoft Solutions Consulting

With Microsoft, you can grow your business while keeping it secure. Microsoft services allow your employees to boost productivity and collaborate from anywhere in the world. Improving is an award-winning Microsoft Partner that has helped businesses of all sizes with their digital transformation. Our team of expert consultants will help you create an infrastructure that is simple to manage, flexible, and scalable through Microsoft's cloud-based solutions (M365, Azure, and D365). Improving specializes in multiple solutions areas for Microsoft technology such as Azure to assist you to drive a culture of continuous business value, trust, and improvement with our offering for Platform Engineering and Application Modernization.    

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User Experience (UX) Consulting

User Experience (UX) is all about how the user interacts and experiences your product, service, and software. User-friendly products can make a big difference in the success of your organization. We understand the importance of creating a quality user experience that drives adoption and utilization. A good user experience is vital to staying ahead of the curve and competing in today's fast-paced market. At Improving, our user experience consulting services work to create those exceptional experiences for our customers, and understanding the user is the foundation of how we achieve that. 

Agile Consulting

Improving recognizes that agility is more than process management. It is a mindset that should be rooted in everyday software delivery practices, which in turn should establish trust. To bring this mindset to your organization, you can choose from Improving’s wide range of Agile training and coaching services, or you can select a comprehensive transformation package that best meets your needs.   

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