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Software Development Services

Enhance Your Business With Our Software Development Services

We are a full-service software development company with over 1,700 consultants, engineers, and architects across our 15 North American enterprises. Our application development services provide organizations with a modernized approach and delivery model associated with software development to streamline their business operations. Whether your intended users are internal or external, our development team has extensive experience creating innovative and user-friendly applications across a variety of platforms and verticals. Our application development services cover web, desktop, mobile, enterprise, custom, and everything in between.  

Front-End/Mobile Development

Our front-end/mobile development services ensure your website, application, or software system is both intuitive and simple for users while maintaining our industry-leading user interface design standards. Our Improvers are proficient in a number of front-end programming languages, including React, Angular, and Vue to provide the utmost flexibility when developing your project. If you are developing a mobile app, our native iOS and Android engineers can add velocity and expertise to your mobile teams and applications. With a razor-sharp focus on pairing functionality with user experience, you can trust Improving to deliver the highest quality solution sure to engage your audience. 

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Cloud Native Platform Engineering 

Our Platform Engineers enable DevOps-focused teams by building internal Developer Platforms that enable organizations to automate and streamline deployment capabilities for software engineering teams. Our Platform Engineering services leverage our Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnerships, certifications, and experience as a stand-alone team or immersed into your application development team. Our Platform engineers assist in the identification, development, and enhancement of core Platform Capabilities like Kubernetes, containers, service mesh, CI/CD pipelines, security, and observability. Whether you are an organization just starting your cloud journey or you are looking for a partner to enhance and improve your existing Platform tools, we have the talent, partnerships, and experience to help you reach your desired outcomes.   

Modern Data & AI Solutions

Data is a strategic asset for every company. To derive value from this asset organizations are modernizing their data estate by unlocking and uniting data sets across their enterprise. Our Modern Data & AI practice area optimizes this data to facilitate advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI. Our Modern Data & AI services leverage our experience across industry verticals, cloud providers, and tools and technology to develop, review, and execute a modern data approach for your enterprise. 

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Real-Time Streaming Data 

Real-Time Streaming Data has changed the way organizations communicate and share data within their internal business units as well as with external partners. Our Real-Time Data team is engineering systems for clients to share, retrieve, and employ their data in real time, regardless of the application. We train client teams on the technologies we implement, leaving them with better code and a workforce ready for the future. We have engineered real-time data systems for Fortune 500 companies, startups, companies new to event-driven architectures, and companies migrating from on-premises solutions to cloud-based platforms. 

Improving is a Premier Consulting and SI Partner of Confluent, but our relationship is much deeper than a typical partner. We perform Confluent professional services for some of Confluents' largest accounts, we provide engineering talent to develop connectors for the product, and we perform migrations for new Confluent Cloud customers. We have built strategic alliances to drive innovation with the Confluent Platform, both on-premise and from the cloud so that our clients can command this new era of real-time data streaming with trusted and experienced advisors for implementation projects. 

QA Automation & Software Testing  

A properly tested software product ensures dependability, high performance, and security which leads to reduced deployment timelines, lower development costs, and higher client satisfaction. Our software testing and QA services help ensure your mission-critical software meets the highest quality performance, usability, and security standards through a variety of test automation tools and processes. Our team of QA engineers has extensive experience working with various application types, ranging from ERPs and CRMs to financial and supply chain management software and more. 

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