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Kyle Porter

President, Improving Vancouver
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Kyle Porter graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia in 2007 and has worked in data and cloud services exclusively since. He has become an authority in the area, and his previous experience includes the ODBC 4.0 specification, Arrow Flight SQL, and the integration of many of the most popular analytic tools (such as Excel, Tableau, etc) with many of the world’s premier data sources. Prior to the acquisition by Improving, Kyle Porter was CEO and co-founder of Bit Quill Technologies, which climbed to revenues of over 9 million in under six years. Kyle has led his team in building strong relationships with the biggest players in data and cloud and in putting employees first. He is a huge believer in the development of a strong co-op program; education programs; and the core values of building genuine and trusting relationships; crafting quality products; and, ensuring each Improver has what they need to feel supported and valued as part of their team. Additionally, he still finds time to code when his team allows him to dabble in his original passion.