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Improving offers the highest quality of expertise, producing the greatest outcomes for your specific needs. Each of our 15 locations throughout North America is equipped with specific skills, providing vast amounts of knowledge across new technologies and modern software development practices. Improving consultants yield unique abilities, adding vitality to projects while executing initiatives. Find out more about our expertise and how we can help you accomplish your goals below. 

Platform Engineering

Platform Engineering 

Improving’s Platform Engineering approach is simple: enable organizations to automate and streamline deployment capabilities for software engineering teams, where ever the technology is hosted. Our Platform Engineering expertise leverages our Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnerships, certifications, and experience as a stand-alone team or immersed in your application development team.

This cloud expertise combined with years of on-prem experience creates a potent combination for solving the biggest problems facing companies today. Our Platform engineers assist in the identification, development, and enhancement of core platform capabilities like Kubernetes, containers, service mesh, CI/CD pipelines, security, and observability. Whether you are an organization just starting your cloud journey or you are looking for a partner to enhance and improve your existing platform tools, Improving has the talent, partnerships, and experience to help you reach your desired outcomes. 

Modern Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The impact of AI and data engineering can be seen in every corner of modern life. Our developers specialize in bringing these complex concepts, systems, and tools to projects in a sustainable way. We pair our data engineering and AI expertise together with development best practices to create a delivery model that includes your team members. By focusing on knowledge transfer as part of our delivery model, our clients become self-sustaining long after the engagement ends. This ensures our clients master ML & AI concepts, bringing the power of these models to real-life use cases quickly and making sure you have actional intelligence and not just a large amount of unused data. 

Modern Data & AI
Application Innovation & Modernization

Application Modernization

Cloud Native Engineering, modern web frameworks, and development best practices are constantly shifting. To leverage Modern Front End and Mobile, APIs and Microservices, Real Time, and event-driven architecture, it helps to have a partner who consistently stays at the forefront of these changes. At Improving, our application modernization consultants stay up to date with current architectural trends and build patterns for modernizing legacy applications and aging systems, reaping the benefits of technology’s evolution. Our enterprise application modernization services team is helping power the digital transformation of numerous companies. 

Business Agility

In today’s volatile world, a business’s ability to respond to change is crucial to stay competitive. We focus on enabling businesses through practices, tools, and techniques that empower response to change, rather than react to it. Improving has helped some of the largest organizations in the world adopt specific value systems and outperform their competitors year after year through our agile business solutions.  

Business Agility
Modern Collaboration

Modern Collaboration

Modern Collaboration is the term for cloud-first products that drive worker productivity. Organizations are moving from Workplaces (offices, locations) to Workspaces (Any place you may be working that day) to allow their employees to work when, where, and with the tools, they find most efficient and effective. Improving’s experience with moving organizations to this 24/7 environment by leveraging the best Microsoft tools for processes and structure has allowed us to develop a proven and repeatable approach. Regardless of whether your team is in-person, remote, or hybrid, their level of collaboration can be maintained and enhanced so you can see powerful progress and success. 

Business Process Automation

Developing fit-to-purpose business automation allows your business to move faster, scale better, and do more with less with fewer errors than a manual process. Improving partners with our clients to identify opportunities for automation, prioritize these opportunities, then develop, deploy, and monitor. A key aspect of our approach is communication with the business stakeholders to confirm increased productivity and refinement to capture additional value. 

Business Automation
Integration Solutions

Product Delivery

Product Delivery is the process of delivering a product or feature from ideation to release.  Creating a successful product that meets the needs of your end user takes experience and a clear understanding of your product. Our Product Delivery framework empowers the product team to define, discover, design, deliver and iterate on solutions that deliver value back to the business. Our product delivery process ensures solutions are viable, usable, and feasible. 

Improving’s Product Delivery expertise leverages our Training and Coaching DNA that is found in all of our practice areas. Our success with a client is not solely Product Delivery, it is teaching our clients the methodology, the approach, and how to avoid pitfalls like scope creep and quality issues so our clients are successful after our engagement. 

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