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Business Agility

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The Advantage of Agility in Modern Business

In today’s volatile landscape, your business’s ability to respond to change is crucial to staying competitive. Empower your organization by prioritizing practices, tools, and techniques that enable proactive responses rather than reactive ones. Improving has helped some of the largest organizations in the world adopt specific value systems and outperform competitors throughout the years using our agile business solutions, and we can do it for you too.

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Empowering Businesses with Tangible Agility Solutions

Get concrete solutions that provide real change through Improving's Business Agility services. Our clients not only receive clear, actionable results but also gain the knowledge to sustain them, made possible through our three core service areas:

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Digital Transformation Enablement

Facilitate your organization's digital evolution with strategies that integrate Agile practices to ensure a seamless and effective digital transformation.

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Executive Coaching & Training

Tailored coaching for executives, focusing on strategic leadership, digital transformation, and cultivating an Agile mindset at the organizational helm.

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Organizational Change Management (OCM)

Expert guidance on managing and navigating through organizational changes, with a focus on smooth transitions and employee engagement.

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Agile Certification Training

Enhance skills and gain industry-recognized credentials with our Agile certification training, designed for various roles and expertise levels.

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Agile Leadership Training

Develop Agile leaders through targeted training that emphasizes adaptive leadership skills, team empowerment, and effective change management.

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Product Owner/Scrum Master for Hire

Access experienced Product Owners and Scrum Masters to lead and drive your Agile projects, ensuring effective execution and delivery.

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Business Transformation Consulting

We guide enterprises through strategic process enhancements, aligning business operations with modern agility principles for sustained growth and competitiveness.

Navigating Business Agility with Our Expert Consultants

Delve into the world of agile business solutions with the help of our Business Agility practice leads. Our team of adept consultants equips organizations with tools and techniques to nimbly adapt to market changes, supplying a competitive edge in today's dynamic environment. Partner with us to evolve your business strategies and prioritize adaptability and resilience.

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Let Us Guide You Through Your Next Project

Opt for Improving's unparalleled expertise and proven track record of excellence. We'll lead your transformation, ensuring agility, efficiency, and enduring success.

Agility. It's What We Do.

Since its inception in 2007, Improving has been sewing the seeds of agility in everything we do, from product development and client consulting to our own internal practices. We have helped organizations of all shapes and sizes on their agile journeys. 

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  • The Largest Training Partner in the Western Hemisphere

  • Collaboration with Dozens of Fortune 500 and Global 1000 Organizations

  • 7x Full-Time Professional Scrum Trainers

  • 3x Full-Time Professional Kanban Trainers

Championing Agile Transformation with the Right Tools

Improving has experience with all the major frameworks and tools in the agile space. We stay focused on the values and principles behind agility and will leverage whichever tools make the most sense for our clients.

Frameworks & Practices

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Agile Tools

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Improving's Agile Delivery Blueprint

Our agile consulting engagement approach will help you focus on measurable business value, ensuring sustainability with a well-planned transition. This is managed through the Improving ACT Delivery Framework.

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Endorsements from Our Business Agility Partnerships

Hear directly from the organizations and leaders who've experienced powerful change with Improving's agile solutions. Their stories reflect the real-world benefits, challenges overcome, and growth achieved through our partnership. Plunge into these testimonials to witness the tangible impact of our Business Agility expertise.

Our team does not function in a normal manner, but Don was able to pivot in several different ways to adjust explanations to make them relevant to our situation. His class was insightful and engaging.

Iva H.

It’s been a great learning about agile mindset ,leadership ,leading and lagging indicators. All in all great brainstorming and reflection around agile values and principles

Sumit Kumar Tiwari

Don was clear, practical and guided us step by step. We discussed the real life use-cases, pictorial representations were good and tips on how to be successful using Agile were great.

Devendra Singh Rathore

Having energetic training that kept the course material interesting. The material taught were spot on what I was looking to get out of the class and take back to the real world for great improvement. Thank you for a fantastic experience and Gary and Blake you both are truly awesome

Catherine Moretto

Mike is a very experienced Scrum Master. That helps a lot to answer questions about the framework and how to get the best of every team.

Mario Hernandez

Latest Thought Leadership From Our Business Agility Experts

Stay updated and informed with the latest trends and practices in the agile space, ensuring your organization is always at the forefront of adaptability and innovation.

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Navigating Conscious Leadership in Your Everyday Life

Take a look at Conscious Leadership and how we can integrate it into our lives every day.

Ready to Elevate Your Business?

Embrace the future with Improving's expert guidance. Let's embark on a journey to agility and outpace your competition together.