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Modern Data

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Modern Data Solutions that Enable Valuable Business Actions 

Optimize your data investments with data that's valuable, usable, and trustworthy. Improving delivers high-quality data platforms that leverage technologies and practices that enable you to automate, action, and accelerate your business. Our product-focused approach centers around the business value you need from your data so you don’t waste your technological investments on activities that don’t enable valuable actions. Our skilled technologists will expedite your journey in cloud migration, data strategy, warehousing, ETL/ELT, real-time processing, and analytics engineering.

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Tailored Services For All Of Your Modern Data Needs

Transform your business with our modern data services, where data is more than availableit's a catalyst for usability and business value. We enable organizations of all sizes to unlock and capitalize on real-time data insights, modernized platforms, and machine-learning capabilities to maximize their operational efficiency. Elevate your business today with cutting-edge data strategy, processing, and visualization.

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Enterprise Data Strategy

Forge an impactful Enterprise Data Strategy. Align data initiatives with business goals, maximizing decision-making efficiency and data asset potential. 

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Data Engineering

Move your data across your platform and accelerate delivery. Our engineers leverage best practices in data engineering, code quality, CI/CD, and test automation. 

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Machine Learning Engineering

Leverage Machine Learning Engineering (MLE) for data-driven strategies. Our experts deploy advanced algorithms, translating data into impactful business solutions.

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Data Warehousing

Revolutionize data storage with our Data Warehousing solutions. Our scalable approach ensures efficient data organization, unlocking seamless accessibility.

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Event-Driven Architecture

Elevate your system's responsiveness with our Event-Driven Architecture services. Our tailored solutions enhance real-time event processing, ensuring agility and efficiency.

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Platform Implementation

Drive peak performance from inception to ongoing excellence with our Platform Implementation & Optimization services. Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge data platforms, ensuring they operate at their best for sustained efficiency.

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Data Analytics Engineering

Ignite your data's potential with Data Analytics Engineering. Our experts engineer tailored solutions, leveraging advanced analytics to extract meaningful insights.

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SAP Analytics

Empower your business with our SAP Analytics solutions. Unlock actionable insights, streamline data, and drive informed decision-making for heightened efficiency.

Meet The Faces Powering Modern Data Solutions For Our Clients

Meet the dedicated professionals shaping practical business solutions for our clients. Whether it's redefining data architectures or streamlining deployment strategies, our specialized team in modern data is here to address your most intricate technology challenges.

Rich McCraw

Vice President of Technology
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How Modern Data is Fueling Innovation Among the Global 1000

Discover how our bespoke modern data solutions have driven digital transformation across industries. These case studies showcase our expertise in action, demonstrating how we've enabled businesses to scale, innovate, and achieve their goals

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Adoption of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


  • Data Architecture

  • Real-Time Data

  • Data Visualization & Reporting


  • SAP

  • SAP Analytics Cloud

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Azure Blueprint for Improving Business Intelligence


  • Data Analysis

  • Data Platform Engineering


  • Azure

  • SQL Server

  • Power Apps

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Accelerated Data Migration to AWS


  • Platform Engineering

  • Database Migration


  • AWS

  • Terraform

  • Kubernetes

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Shortlisting Modern Data Partners For Your Next Project?

Contact us today and let's shape your business future with our cutting-edge modern data solutions.

Your Data Transformation Starts With Improving

Elevate your data landscape through Improving. With a robust legacy and extensive experience, we bring unparalleled expertise to every project. As certified partners with Confluent and Snowflake, alongside a suite of advanced data processing/engineering certifications, we guarantee a transformative and reliable modern data solution.

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  • Strategic Data Architecture: Craft a tailored data architecture that aligns seamlessly with your business goals.

  • Real-time Insights: Unlock the power of instant data insights, propelling you ahead in the dynamic business landscape.

  • Comprehensive Data Governance: Ensure data accuracy, security, and compliance through our robust governance framework.

  • Advanced Predictive Analytics: Leverage cutting-edge analytics for actionable foresight, enhancing decision-making.

  • Scalable Solutions: Grow your data capabilities effortlessly with scalable and adaptable modern data services.

Empowering Business Insights with Modern Data Technologies

Our approach to modern data is deeply rooted in collaboration, innovation, and the alignment of technology with your unique business goals, ensuring a robust, scalable, and secure digital infrastructure that fuels your growth

Cloud Infrastructure & Management

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Streaming & Event-Processing

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Data Storage & Warehousing

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Icon - Amazon Redshift
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Icon - MongoDB

Analytics & Business Intelligence

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Our Approach to Modern Data Solutions

Our approach to data solutions is structured around our proprietary 5D Delivery methodology, ensuring a comprehensive and client-focused process from conception to deployment. Each phase is critical in turning your data into a strategic asset that drives decision-making and innovation. This structured methodology guarantees a consistent, high-quality delivery of data services that are bespoke to your company's needs, driving the change you require for a data-empowered future.

  • In the Discover phase, we immerse ourselves in your business context to identify your data needs and challenges. We conduct thorough analyses to uncover opportunities that leverage your data's full potential, setting the foundation for a tailored data strategy.

    Understanding your data landscape is the first step toward transformation.

  • The Design phase involves architecting the optimal solution that aligns with your business goals. Our experts craft detailed blueprints for the data infrastructure and analytics that will form the backbone of your data-driven initiatives.

    Blueprinting your future data ecosystem to meet strategic objectives.

  • During the Develop phase, our team translates designs into reality. We build robust, scalable, and efficient data pipelines and architectures, integrating advanced analytics and machine learning models to unlock valuable insights.

    Turning designs into sophisticated, functioning data solutions.

  • The Demonstrate phase is all about validation and iterative refinement. We present functioning models and solutions, providing a tangible look at the value and performance of the proposed system, ensuring alignment with your business requirements.

    Showcasing the effectiveness of our solutions to meet your needs.

  • Finally, the Deploy phase sees the rollout of the complete solution into your live business environment. We ensure seamless integration with your operations, enabling you to capitalize on the transformative power of your data.

    Launching your data solutions to power real-world results.

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Latest Thought Leadership on Modern Data

Explore our insights on modern data from our team of experienced thought leaders.

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Simplify Stream Processing With Serverless Apache Flink® From Confluent & Improving

Simplify your stream processing with serverless Apache Flink, the newest offering from Confluent and Improving.

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