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How, When, and Where to use Nearshore Services

Are you looking to reduce costs while maintaining and growing team culture and overall performance? Have you tried outsourcing to an overseas partner, only to be disappointed with the results? Nearshore outsourcing is a growing trend that offers many benefits for businesses. By outsourcing to a country that is geographically and culturally close to your own, you can enjoy the cost savings of offshoring without sacrificing the quality and communication that is essential for maintaining a strong team culture. In this talk, you will learn situations where a nearshore outsourcing approach can work in your environment as well as the positive and negative implications of adopting this model.   You’ll get clarity on ways to stop trying to fit 3 pounds of work in a 1-pound backpack and find ways to hit tight budgets while keeping the same level of effectiveness, and better focus on your core business needs.

David Sidwell

President, Improving Chicago
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Russ Maloney

Vice President of Sales