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Web 3.0: A Content Creator’s Dream, A Company’s Challenge

July 6, 2022 | 3 Minute Read

If cryptocurrency isn’t your thing. And if you’re not into a hyper ledger or the underlying blockchain technology, that OK. This post is intended to discuss other aspects of Web 3.0 and why they’re important for your business. 

Rising in parallel to the concepts and technologies mentioned above is the content creators’ community. 

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Content creation in Web 3.0 is different from the same activity on Wed 2.0. Web 2.0 was an asynchronous conversation on a global scale. Web 3.0 has shifted the conversation synchronously and in real-time. 

On social media platforms, comments and like ruled the day, Web 2.0 style. Now, live streams with audience engagement provide an immersive experience for creators and consumers alike. 

As a result, businesses need to form strategies around how to engage their customers and their employees. Despite company policies, employees will engage with their audiences which may evolve into business enablers or inhibitors. 

With streaming services like Twitch, LinkedIn Live, YouTube Live, Discord, Steam, and more, businesses need to consider going to where their clients “hang out”. As well, businesses should consider building strategic partnerships with their internal content movers. 

Web 3.0 is in the process of changing how we reach each other. As well, it is redefining what it means to have a “side-hustle”.  

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Now, you may be wondering, “What does this mean for us?” By us, this means business.

Some ideas to consider follow: 

  • Brand your own stream and host sessions that showcase your organization’s thought leaders 

  • Find out if your team members are streaming and ask to join the conversation 

  • Offer to sponsor or co-brand with team members who have established stream followings 

  • Leverage streaming as part of the marketing strategy to open new, potential markets to your products and services 

The good news for businesses in this next evolution of the Web is you can mimic what content creators are already doing. 

Websites like Stream Scheme ( can help you leap-frog your competition or catch up. Given where Web 3.0 is headed, this is only the beginning for businesses seeking to create their own competitive edge. 

The next opportunity to consider is content distribution. A goal for businesses should be to get their “show(s)” out to where their viewers connect. 

Like news aggregation websites, there are stream aggregation platforms. StreamYard ( and Restream ( are two names that rise to the top. These platforms allow you to stream once to other platforms (LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) with minimal challenges. 

As with most technology, there are already blogs that can help you with your research like Rigorous Themes, “15 Best Restream Alternatives 2022” andAlternativeTo, “Restream Alternatives”. 

To close this post, it’s worth spending some print to consider how your organization could address its creators. A policy can address some of the concerns that are bound to arise. What is more important is meeting creators where they are at, via townhalls or departmental meetings. 

Hosting a panel discussion with your most notable and emerging content creators could jump-start conversations around “ethical content creation.” As the line between our different personas (work, public, private, etc.) continues to blur, it becomes more pressing and urgent to have reason dialogue around this topic. 

Heavy-handed approaches to Web 3.0 content creation may backfire as creators could turn the table on businesses who don’t take a “human approach” and come alongside their employees. Making the discussion around acceptable and “not as acceptable” ways to “go live” can make all the difference when aligning individuals and the organization. 

To wrap up, Web 3.0 is another Internet dimension filled with opportunities for both businesses and employees to explore. To learn more about Web 3.0, reach out to us.

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