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Our Adventure Through Google Cloud Next 2024

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Maryna Boryshkevych
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April 17, 2024 | 4 Minute Read

In the heart of Las Vegas, where neon lights dance and technology hums, Google Cloud Next 2024 unfolded—a symphony of ideas, innovation, and camaraderie. Thousands of Google partners, developers, and customers flocked to Google Cloud Next 2024 to discover the latest CPU and TPU products, Workspace AI features, and Google's ambitious Artificial Intelligence Roadmap. As a Google Partner, our team stepped into this digital wonderland with anticipation, ready to absorb knowledge, forge connections, and shape our Cloud Strategies.

Google Cloud Next isn’t just a conference. It’s a collision of tech enthusiasts, developers, and visionaries. The Las Vegas Strip buzzed with excitement as attendees from around the globe gathered to explore the latest advancements in cloud computing. For Improvers, our purpose was clear... to immerse ourselves in this sea of possibilities. Here is what we learned: 

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First, the tech giant unveiled new AI-optimized infrastructure, Workspace and AI offerings, sustainable engineering practices, and the future of Platform Engineering. They unveiled their gems, each one more dazzling than the last.

  • AI and ML Advancements: Google Cloud has introduced significant updates to its AI offerings, empowering customers to focus on improving productivity, automating processes, and modernizing the customer experience utilizing six distinct kinds of AI agents in areas such as customer service, employee empowerment, creative ideation and production, data analysis, code creation, and cybersecurity. 

  • Gemini Suite Unveiled: The revolutionary AI assistant Gemini for Google Cloud will enhance developer’s productivity, security, and application lifecycles. Other components like Gemini Code Assist and Gemini Cloud Assist streamline coding and cloud application design, respectively. 

  • AI powered Workspace: From the ‘take notes for me’ option that transcribes and takes notes during meetings to Workspace administration that can now automatically classify and protect sensitive files, this system even has data using privacy-preserving AI models and Data Loss Prevention controls. 

  • Data Analytics Innovations: Google Cloud has added capabilities driven by its proprietary large language model, Gemini, to its database offerings. This includes Bigtable, Spanner, Memorystore for Redis, Firestore, CloudSQL for MySQL, and AlloyDB for PostgreSQL. Additionally, Google has introduced improvements to BigQuery and Looker, empowering data analysts with smarter and more cost-effective querying capabilities and fostering data-driven conversations. 

  • AI Everywhere: AI workloads require specialized infrastructure support. This AI infrastructure spans from TPU v5p GA to the AI Hypercomputer architecture, enabling real-time LLM inference and training of massive-scale models. The emphasis is on bringing AI closer to data generation and consumption, enabling AI deployment anywhere through initiatives like Google Distributed Cloud (GDC) and cross-cloud offerings. Now powered by Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and rebranded Anthos, Google’s hybrid and multi-cloud platform promises seamless application deployment across various environments. 

For hours, we sat in hushed rooms, absorbing this wisdom from experts. The sessions that stood out were like ancient scrolls unrolling before us. In “AI in Action,” we heard about real-world cases of AI transforming healthcare, finance, and beyond. The “Serverless Revolution” session revealed the power of serverless computing—scalability without shackles. And “Data Lakes and Beyond” demonstrated the elevated art of migrating and efficiently managing vast data lakes.  

Our fingers danced on keyboards during workshops as we took notes. The hands-on workshops allowed us to experiment with cutting-edge AI tools and features. Our minds swirled with insights, and we leveled up technical skills like AI model deployment and evaluation, MLOps, and Data Engineering. 

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Beyond the technical, we observed fascinating industry trends such as edge computing, ethical AI, and the power of collaboration. We exchanged business cards with new friends, promising to reshape the cloud together. Although, networking wasn’t just about business cards. It was about coffee chats, hallway encounters, and shared dreams. We met industry titans, swapped stories, and found kindred spirits.  

Google Cloud Next 2024 was more than a conference—it was a cosmic voyage, and our sails are set for the next chapter. The knowledge acquired will undoubtedly elevate our team's capabilities. We look forward to future Google Cloud Next conferences and similar events, where we can continue to learn and collaborate!  

But in the meantime, we are all returning to our enterprises, not just with knowledge but with plans. We are bringing AI-driven insights home to enhance our clients’ experiences and hybrid Cloud strategies to bridge worlds. 

Let's continue the conversation! Connect with us at Improving and let's shape the future together.  


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