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The Real Scoop On Quiet Quitting: Striking The Solid Work-Life Balance

August 23, 2023 | 3 Minute Read

What’s The Buzz About Quiet Quitting? 

You’ve probably heard about the Great Resignation, but have you caught wind of the latest career trend making waves on social media – Quiet Quitting? It’s a concept that’s open to interpretation, and opinions on its impact vary.

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For some, Quiet Quitting is all about maintaining a healthy work-life balance and not letting your job consume your entire existence. On the other hand, some view it as a symptom of disengagement at work, which could negatively affect your career and society as a whole. A recent Gallup poll found that at least half of American workers admit to doing the bare minimum to meet their job description. 

So, is there a sweet spot between being a workaholic and just going through the motions? Let’s dive into what Quiet Quitting could mean for you and how to strike that perfect balance. 

Finding Harmony: The Key To Work-Life Balance 

It’s no secret that having a personal life is crucial for your mental well-being. Without it, you’re at risk for burnout and could be left feeling overwhelmed if you were to lose your job. In fact, some studies have found that working too much is one of the biggest life regrets. 

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Here are some tips to help you maintain that all-important balance: 

  • Set boundaries: It’s up to you to decide how much you want to integrate your personal and professional activities or keep them separate. Find an arrangement that allows you to lead a happy and meaningful life. 

  • Limit your hours: Excessive overtime takes a toll on your well-being and job performance. Create a reasonable schedule and stick to your quitting time, even when working from home. 

  • Build relationships: Connecting with colleagues makes work more enjoyable and fulfilling. Engage in small talk and socialize outside the office. 

  • Take vacations: Make the most of your time off from work. Explore new places and spend time with loved ones. Give yourself some downtime throughout the year – go out for lunch and schedule breaks between tasks.

  • Practice self-care: Investing in yourself boosts resilience. Eat healthily, exercise regularly, and manage stress constructively both on and off the job. 

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Safeguarding Your Career: Making The Right Choices 

Your career choices can significantly impact your life’s quality. Be proactive in making decisions that align with your values and help you achieve your goals. 

Consider these techniques to protect your career: 

  • Communicate directly: Poor management and remote work are often cited as key reasons behind Quiet Quitting. Prioritize face-to-face communication and have weekly one-on-one sessions with your boss. 

  • Clarify expectations: Understand your boss’s priorities and how your performance will be measured. Ask for feedback and put things in writing. 

  • Show concern: Let your colleagues know you care about their well-being. Be friendly, helpful, and attentive. Praise their talents and accomplishments, and earn their trust by doing your fair share of work and holding yourself accountable. 

  • Connect with the mission: Understand how your role relates to your organization’s overall purpose. If you disagree with your company’s values, consider making accommodations or moving on. 

  • Continue learning: Keep your skills up-to-date and challenge yourself. Take online courses, read industry books, join committees, and volunteer for exciting projects. 

  • Stay solvent: Quiet firing is emerging as a passive-aggressive way to pressure difficult employees to leave. This can lower morale and leave you without a paycheck. Think about your financial future, even if you dislike your job. 

While concerns about Quiet Quitting may be overblown, the questions it raises are valid. You spend about one-third of your life at work, so make that time as enjoyable as possible. More importantly, pursue your purpose through whatever means works for you. 

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