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Code Authority Merges with Improving

October 31, 2019 | 3 Minute Read

Improving has acquired Code Authority, a custom software development and digital marketing firm headquartered in Frisco, Texas with a unique and innovative emphasis on entrepreneurship and startups.

This merger successfully continues Improving’s “Enterprise Model,” which is an innovative business strategy that focuses on merging similar service companies that share a genuine commitment to excellence, trust and culture. The model reinforces localized ownership coupled with the power and value of leveraged service offerings. As a result, the Code Authority leadership team, including Jason W. Taylor as President, will continue operating and growing the business, contributing to Improving’s sustained success across North America. "Our merger with Improving is the perfect next step for Code Authority’s growth and vision for the future,” shares John Anderson, Executive Vice President and Partner at Code Authority. “The incredible organic growth Code Authority has built for over 18 years is a testament to our company’s perseverance and drive.”

The Code Authority team has successfully launched and grown a unique entrepreneurial program called CodeLaunch. This seed-accelerator event and startup competition bring together early-stage startup winners and partners them with professional software developers, venture capitalists, and service sponsors to accelerate their path to success. Improving plans to accelerate CodeLaunch to additional markets in the near future.

Improving is excited to see the impact of CodeLaunch spread throughout the country due to Jason W. Taylor’s vision of strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit of the start-up community.

Curtis Hite, CEO, Improving

“The mutual benefits of joining forces with businesses that have similar company values allows us to advance our ambition of improving the perception of the IT professional,” states Curtis Hite, CEO of Improving. “We continue to be impressed by Code Authority and their leadership team. Improving is excited to see the impact of CodeLaunch spread throughout the country due to Jason W. Taylor’s vision of strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit of the start-up community.”

Code Authority’s service offerings focus on custom software development, cloud solutions, mobile app development and digital transformation of business processes. Their experience extends to digital marketing strategy as well as interactive UI/UX design. The merger will significantly strengthen the breadth and depth of the technical consulting services that can now be utilized across all of Improving’s markets.

"We are thrilled with the Improving merger," states Jason W. Taylor, President of Code Authority. “After being introduced to the Improving brand by their Dallas President, David O’Hara, I was impressed by their company values and their commitment to clients, team and partners. Since that time, it’s been a wonderful collaborative relationship through partnering on CodeLaunch. I am grateful to the Code Authority family and to John Anderson for his partnership in building this company with me over the years.”

Taylor adds, “I am also thankful for the pro-business infrastructure which thrives in the City of Frisco. The leadership, support, and community of the Frisco Chamber, the Frisco Economic Development Corporation, and the Frisco Mayors who have supported Code Authority and CodeLaunch over the years, have made this dream of growth possible.”

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