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Agile Overview Workshop

Agile Overview Workshop is a one-day course that dissects and de-mystifies agile product development.  An instructor with extensive experience will guide discussion from the theory and history behind agile to concrete practices that foster a more agile way of working. This will be facilitated through a combination of lectures, candid discussions, exercises, and demonstrations. 

Full Course Description
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Agile Overview Workshop Course Details

Agile - you’ve heard about it, read about it, or even tried it out. You likely still have questions and are wondering if you are applying agile practices the right way or if it’s even a fit for your organization or your particular initiative. Is Scrum the right choice? What about Kanban? Can they be used together?

This workshop will clear up a lot of these questions so that you can make more informed decisions during your agile journey.

Agile Overview Workshop Learning Objectives

Agile Overview
  • History

  • Theory

  • Popular Agile Practices (XP, Kanban, Scrum, etc)

Scrum Overview
  • Why Scrum?

  • Scrum Roles & Responsibilities

  • Scrum Events & Artifacts

Kanban Overview
  • Why Kanban?

  • Kanban Practices

  • Kanban Measures

Agile Planning
  • Forecasting

  • Release Planning

  • Measuring Value

Agile Requirements & QA
  • Communicating Requirements

  • User Stories

  • Agile Testing

Common Challenges
  • Distributed Teams

  • Scaling

  • Adoption Anti-Patterns

Who is the Agile Overview Workshop For?

This course is tailored to the specific audience.  More or less time will be spent on certain agile topics based on whether the participants lean more toward management, the business side, or the delivery side.

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