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Agile Metrics Workshop

Agile Metrics Workshop is a half-day workshop that first demonstrates how a wide range of commonly-used metrics in today’s organizations can negatively affect behavior and misalign objectives. Through a series of hands-on exercises, participants are then introduced to goal-driven frameworks such as Objectives and Key Results (OKR) and Evidence-Based Management (EBM) that place the focus on flow and value.

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Agile Metrics Workshop Course Details

As organizations grow, the disconnect between the people doing the work and those that benefit from the work often grows with it. Somewhere along the line, the real vision behind our projects gets lost. Can better metrics help?

Agile Metrics Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Identify metrics relevant to their initiatives

  • Recognize the most common measures

  • Categorize metrics in terms of value, flow, and efficiency

  • Focus on outcomes over outputs

  • Recognize how metrics alone cannot effectively drive behavior

  • Distinguish between goals and desires

  • Establish a cadence for measuring and reviewing metrics

  • Define the history and case for Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

  • Establish a clearly defined goal -- an Objective

  • Define specific measures toward a goal -- Key Results

  • Define value using Evidence-Based Management (EBM)

  • Find tools to help capture and communicate metrics

  • Measure for change

Who Is The Agile Metrics Workshop For?

  • Executive Leadership

  • Product Managers

  • Teams looking for metrics that matter to them

  • Leaders looking for a better way to measure

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