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Ottawa, Ontario

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From Ottawa to Vancouver, Improving is changing the perception of the IT industry. Our rich, diverse culture and innovative technologists allow us to not only meet but exceed our client's expectations. Discover what makes our Canadian family unique!

Located in the tech hub of Ontario and often referred to as the "Silicon Valley of Canada," Improving Ottawa began our story as YoppWorks, which was acquired in 2022.  

Improving Ottawa has continually built a strong technical foundation in digital transformation. We are equipped to drive change and create inspiration for our customers in the Canadian capital city and beyond. 

Ottawa, Ontario

411 Legget Drive
Suite 710
Ottawa, Ontario K2K 3C9
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Our President

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Building a team where every voice counts.

Ottawa Executive Team

Jonny Catlett

Vice President of Service Delivery

Mike Foxall

Vice President of Finance

Adam Peck

Vice President of Sales and Recruiting

Mark Vickers

Technical Director

Natalia Coutinho

Director of Engagement Managers

James Lovell

Business Architecture Director

Neil Derraugh

Technical Director

Dave Kichler

Technical Director

Rodrigo Lima

Technical Director

Sergey Vershinin

Google Practice Director
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Software Development & Managed IT Consulting Services in Ottawa, ON

Our Ottawa enterprise (formerly YoppWorks) is a leader in technology consulting and development that helps organizations rethink how they build software to remain competitive, relevant, and capitalize on market opportunities. We specialize in developing custom solutions that drive real business value through an enhanced customer focus, process optimization, data-driven decisions, and increased market agility.

Ottawa Custom Software Development

Our software engineers and architects manage any or all of the technology assessment, project planning, interface design, system development, software testing, and ongoing maintenance phases of your development needs. We employ a diverse and multidisciplined team of developers to construct a customized platform built to your specific and unique business needs.

Ottawa IT Consulting Services

Our business consultants and platform engineers enable enterprises to enhance their IT infrastructure through the adoption of modern technology. From cloud native environments and data security features to continuous delivery pipelines and process automation, our IT consulting services are here to help your business scale.

Ottawa Agile Training & Coaching

Enable your organization to improve operational productivity and efficiency through the adoption and application of agile. Our certified coaches and instructors work alongside your stakeholders in a setting of your choice to educate them on the modern and best agile practices.

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