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Transforming In-Home Care with Strategic IT

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The Customer

A leading provider of private in-home care services.

The Project

Transforming In-Home Care with Strategic IT


As the company experienced rapid growth, they found themselves facing various IT challenges that hindered their progress. With their IT department struggling to keep up, the Customer sought assistance to revamp their IT infrastructure and processes. This case study highlights the successful engagement between the Customer and Improving, where our team provided fractional CIO services to address the client's business problems and deliver effective solutions.

The Challenge

The Customer approached Improving with the challenge of outgrowing their IT department's capabilities. They faced numerous issues, including inefficient IT processes, a lack of proper IT structure, and a growing need for effective technology solutions. These challenges were impeding the Customer's ability to sustain their rapid growth and deliver top-notch care to their clients.

The Solution

Improving's team, led by Michael Slater as the fractional CIO, collaborated closely with the Customer to understand their specific needs and develop an effective solution. The approach involved providing both advisory and execution services to ensure a comprehensive transformation of the Customer's IT department.

One of the key aspects of the solution was to clearly define the responsibilities and ownership of IT and operations within the organization. By separating these domains, the Customer gained clarity on who should be driving different processes and initiatives. This clear division of roles helped streamline decision-making and implementation, reducing indecisiveness and improving overall efficiency.

On the IT side, Improving helped the Customer onboard new IT vendors to address their basic IT needs, such as managing computer hardware and office networks. This included selecting a new managed service provider (MSP) through a thorough RFP process. The new MSP not only provided faster response times for help desk tickets but also offered 24/7 support to align with the Customer's 24/7 business operations. Additionally, the MSP ensured effective IT support for the Customer's remote offices, even in locations where there were no IT employees present.

To ensure long-term sustainability, Improving assisted the Customer in identifying and hiring key IT resources, such as an IT project manager and a data analyst. These hires would support the Customer's ongoing IT needs and enable them to maintain their systems and processes independently.

The Technologies & Methodologies

  • Clear Care

  • Alaya Care

  • VoIP systems

The Business Benefits

The implementation of Improving's solutions brought significant benefits to the Customer:

  • Improved IT Support: The Customer experienced faster resolution times for help desk tickets, with most issues being resolved on the same day or within three days. This ensured that employees had minimal disruptions to their work and could access the necessary IT resources promptly.

  • Enhanced Network Stability: By addressing networking equipment issues and optimizing packet rules, the Customer eliminated dropped calls on their VoIP system. This improvement in network stability allowed employees to communicate effectively and deliver seamless care services to clients.

  • Streamlined Vendor Management: The selection of a new MSP enabled the Customer to have a dedicated partner for managing their IT infrastructure. This streamlined vendor management process ensured that the Customer received the necessary support and services to meet their specific requirements.

  • Increased Office Efficiency: The implementation of IT solutions, such as improved hardware and networking, resulted in increased office efficiency. The Customer's offices in different locations, including Denver, benefited from on-call IT vendors who could provide in-person support promptly, ensuring smooth operations.

Lessons Learned

This engagement with the Customer provided valuable lessons that can be applied to similar projects:

  • Pay attention to contracts and deliverables: Ensuring clear and detailed commitments from vendors through written contracts and SLAs is crucial. This helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures that promised support and services are delivered effectively.

  • Identify critical full-time roles: It is essential to identify key roles that require full-time employees within the IT department. This includes positions such as IT project managers and data analysts, who play a critical role in maintaining and optimizing IT systems.

  • Maintain communication and transparency: Constant communication and transparency with the client's executive team are vital to keep them informed about progress, accomplishments, and the scope of the engagement. This helps manage expectations and ensures that the focus remains on the most valuable work.

By addressing these lessons learned, future clients can benefit from a smoother and more successful engagement, achieving their desired outcomes efficiently.

Why Improving?

In conclusion, Improving's Fractional CIO project with the Customer successfully transformed their IT department, enabling them to overcome their business challenges and sustain their rapid growth. The collaborative approach, combined with the implementation of effective solutions, resulted in improved IT support, enhanced network stability, streamlined vendor management, and increased office efficiency. The Customer is now well-equipped to provide exceptional care services to their clients while maintaining a robust IT infrastructure.

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