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Revolutionizing Tax Compliance with Automated Software Solutions

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The Customer

A telecom tax compliance company that provides services to telecom companies, including processing tax returns and ensuring compliance with tax laws.

The Project

Revolutionizing Tax Compliance with Automated Software Solutions


When the Customer acquired a company that had custom software for tax return processing, they sought the expertise of our team at Improving to assess the software and recommend a path for its modernization.

The Challenge

The Customer faced the challenge of integrating the newly acquired software into their existing operations. The software only supported a small percentage of their clients and business processes. Additionally, it was outdated and hosted on a local server, posing maintenance and scalability issues. The Customer needed a solution that would automate their tax return processing, support all of their clients, and be modern and maintainable.

The Solution

To address the Customer's challenges, we began by conducting a thorough assessment of their software and business processes. Our team worked closely with the Customer's employees to understand their workflow and identify pain points. Based on our findings, we recommended a complete rewrite of the software. We proposed using modern technologies and a cloud-based infrastructure to ensure scalability, flexibility, and ease of maintenance. Our team leveraged Angular for the frontend and .NET Core Web API for the backend, utilizing the Azure Platform as a Service for hosting. We also incorporated Azure Functions and Azure SQL to enhance the system’s capabilities.

The Technologies & Methodologies

  • Angular: Used for frontend development, providing a modern and responsive user interface.

  • .NET Core Web API: Employed for the backend development, enabling seamless integration with the front end and facilitating efficient data processing.

  • Azure Platform as a Service: Utilized for hosting the application, eliminating the need for server maintenance and ensuring scalability and reliability.

  • Azure Functions: Used to implement serverless computing for specific functions, enhancing the system’s capabilities.

  • Azure SQL: Employed as the database solution, offering secure and scalable storage for client data.

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The Business Benefits

The software modernization project yielded significant benefits for the Customer:

  • Increased Efficiency: With the new software, the Customer was able to automate 90% of their tax return processing, resulting in faster and more accurate processing times.

  • Improved User Experience: The modernized application provided a more intuitive and feature-rich user interface, making it easier for employees to navigate and complete their tasks.

  • Enhanced Compliance: The software enforced tax compliance rules, reducing errors and ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.

  • Streamlined Record-Keeping: All client data was stored in a centralized system, allowing for easy access and retrieval of historical records, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping in Excel.

  • Better Decision-Making: The system provided real-time insights and reports, enabling the Customer to make data-driven decisions and improve overall business operations.

The Partnerships

During the software modernization process, we collaborated with Print Node, a third-party provider, to address the unique challenge of printing checks with specialized ink and paper. Through Print Node’s API and desktop client, we were able to implement a seamless printing solution that met the Customer's requirements. Additionally, we worked closely with a tax software consultant who provided valuable insights and guidance throughout the project. Their expertise in tax law and tax software greatly contributed to the success of the modernization efforts.

Lessons Learned

The software modernization project taught us several valuable lessons:

  1. Clearly Define Deliverables: It is essential to establish clear expectations and deliverables from the outset of the project to avoid scope creep and ensure alignment between the client and the development team.

  2. Involve Users Early: Involving users in the software development process from the beginning helps to address their needs and concerns, leading to greater user adoption and satisfaction.

  3. Educate Users on Benefits: It is crucial to effectively communicate the benefits of the new software to users, helping them understand how it will improve their workflow and mitigate resistance to change.

Why Improving?

Through the collaboration between the Customer and our team at Improving, the software modernization project successfully transformed the Customer's tax return processing operations. The new software automated the majority of their processes, improved user experience, and ensured compliance with tax regulations. The Customer now has a modern, scalable, and maintainable solution that supports their entire client base and streamlines their business operations.

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