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Modernizing Enterprise Platform to Innovate Faster

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The Customer

Avantas is a healthcare scheduling software company helping customers optimize clinical workforces to cost-effectively handle patient demand.

The Project

Modernizing Enterprise Platform to Innovate Faster


Avantas engaged Improving to build a vision for a new long-term software architecture strategy that aligned with their business aspirations.

The Challenge

Avantas was paying a high annual cost for their customized software product. Their older technology stack used a customized markup language that predated most open-source frameworks and libraries, making it both difficult to maintain and restrictive to the growth of the business. This also made it challenging for Avantas to expand their software development team.

The Solution

To help with cost, scalability, and application control, Improving worked with Avantas to migrate their custom software product from a hosted data center to AWS. The final product was an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solution that allowed all environments to be created and destroyed in a repeatable and dependable fashion.

Improving also helped Avantas with platform upgrade efforts to help move them from their legacy system to a cloud platform. The technology stack recommended for the new platform included a React JS frontend with Spring Boot services on the backend. Improving followed an Agile development process—an iterative development process focused on working collaboratively, and testing software after each iteration in a continuous integration process. This incremental approach allowed Avantas to deliver production-ready features without a complete rewrite.

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The Business Benefits

For Avantas, moving to AWS allows them to scale faster and they can leverage AWS services to better maintain their applications and platform. They can build proof-of-concept environments for new development efforts quickly and with little extra cost to the business. And for their customers, moving to AWS means improved predictive modeling and analytical insights. The system has set itself apart as a comprehensive tool with predictive capability, which has led to better hospital-system staff resources management. This means less time is required from clinicians for administrative details and more time is available for clinical care. Avantas’ customers benefit from the SaaS platform that facilitates fast implementations and access to the latest software enhancements at no additional cost.

Why Improving?

By leveraging an ROI model, Improving showed the significant cost savings and feature improvements that a new cloud-native architecture would provide for Avantas. The result is a modern stack that delivers the speed and flexibility associated with better software product releases, a benefit for both Avantas and their customers.

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