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Leveraging Nearshore Services to Optimize Development Team

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The Customer

A global technology leader in the construction industry offering innovative solutions to make construction faster, safer, and more sustainable.

The Project

Leveraging Nearshore Services to Optimize Development Team


This global technology leader needed to enhance communication and minimize time zone differences between their development team and a technology partner. The choice was between offshoring to India or nearshoring to get high-quality software development resources. They optimized their software development team and achieved their business goals by leveraging Improving's nearshore capabilities.

The Challenge

Our client faced challenges due to time zone alignment, ability to scale to need, and strong agile development fundamentals with their global IT partners working with their US-based software development operations. To solve this issue, their VP of Software Development was introduced to Improving's nearshore capabilities. Improving provided them with a team of developers specializing in 3D knowledge, microservices, and Angular technology. The team worked together to create a platform tailored to meet their specific needs.

The Solution

To ensure a good fit, our client’s team traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico, for an onsite visit with Improving's Nearshore Services Team. The Improving Nearshore Services Sales Support Team collaborated with the Improving Dallas Enterprise Account Owner to organize all trip-related details. The visit showcased the technical ability of Improving's nearshore team and paved the way for a successful partnership.

Improving's team maintained continuous communication with our client’s business representatives and clients, keeping the product updated and adaptable to match the final customer needs.

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The Business Benefits

Our client’s partnership with Improving was critical to the success of their new platform project. Choosing a nearshore partner helped them work with a team with the necessary technical expertise in a favorable time zone. Improving's nearshore team provided our client with the necessary resources to complete the project in a timely manner while maintaining open communication throughout the process. Our client expects to increase sales by implementing the Diaphragm Design Module, replacing a legacy platform with the latest technology, which will drive new structural engineers to design.

Nearshore Services Team and Programming Languages Applied

The Improving team is a hybrid team that includes software developers (nearshore). The technology involved microservices architecture, 3D CAD Rendering, and Angular. The programming languages and frameworks applied to this work are JavaScript, TypeScript with .Net (C#), and Angular.

The team: QA Manual (2); QA Automation (2); Full Stack Developers (7); Front-end Developer (1); Product Owner (1); Scrum Master (1).

Why Improving?

Improving is the best partner for nearshore software development, staff augmentation, and IT outsourcing. Our experienced team provides customized solutions at a lower cost with real-time collaboration, enabling clients to do more with less. We stay ahead of the curve with a commitment to innovation and excellence, making us an ideal partner for startups, growth, mid-market, and enterprise companies looking to innovate their business solutions.

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