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Enhancing Public Safety Technology through Strategic DevOps

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The Customer

An organization that specializes in digital evidence management and video recording for law enforcement fleets.

The Project

Enhancing Public Safety Technology through Strategic DevOps


The Customer faced a technical challenge that required significant changes in their development practices and workflow. They sought Improving's expertise to automate and streamline the deployment of on-device software, enabling higher data rates for streaming to control centers. This project was pivotal in allowing the Customer to maintain its competitive edge in a market reliant on rapid feature development.

The Challenge

The Customer's business model, focusing on feature-based sales within the competitive landscape of law enforcement technology, necessitated a swift feature development process. However, their development practices and lack of internal expertise with off-the-shelf tools had become a bottleneck, affecting their ability to deliver new functionalities efficiently.

The Solution

Improving devised a solution that revamped the Customer's system and established a DevOps pipeline, facilitating rapid feature iterations. By leveraging Azure DevOps and integrating with a specialized hardware lab, the Customer could build in the cloud and deploy in controlled hardware environments. This approach enabled isolated testing of features, significantly reducing integration issues and accelerating the delivery process. The deployment utilized standard technologies like Microsoft build technologies and Azure DevOps, alongside innovative VPN setups for seamless cloud-to-hardware integration.

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The Business Benefits

  • Enhanced Productivity: The project halved the build time, enabling quicker creation of new functionalities.

  • Accelerated Market Delivery: The streamlined process sped up the Customer's time to market, keeping them competitive.

  • Innovation as a Selling Point: The increased rate of innovation bolstered the Customer's market position, enhancing customer value.

The Partnerships

A key aspect of the project's success was the collaboration with Microsoft, which provided critical support in integrating cloud and Azure-based networking with on-prem hardware platforms.

Lessons Learned

The project, which spanned six months with an initial proof of concept delivered in four weeks, highlighted the importance of flexibility and rapid adaptation to changes. Regular reviews and close collaboration were instrumental in navigating challenges and refining the DevOps pipeline.

Why Improving?

Improving's intervention enabled the Customer to modernize their product development pipeline, significantly reducing build times and enhancing their capability to stream high data rates to control centers. The successful implementation of a cloud-native DevOps pipeline, in collaboration with Microsoft, marked a milestone in the Customer's pursuit of excellence in law enforcement technology solutions.

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