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Elevating Financial Services with Cutting-Edge Software Solutions

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The Customer

A leading provider of auxiliary services to financial institutions.

The Project

Elevating Financial Services with Cutting-Edge Software Solutions


The Customer engaged Improving to enhance their offerings and integrate new benefits such as identity monitoring and social media monitoring. Facing challenges in software development and needing expertise in Angular One and .NET Framework API, Improving was tasked with upgrading existing systems and developing new benefits.

The Challenge

The Customer struggled with adapting their developers to Angular One and .NET Framework API, impacting their ability to upgrade systems and onboard new financial institutions with enhanced benefits. This lack of expertise hindered their growth and innovation capabilities.

The Solution

Improving adopted a consultative approach, creating separate web front ends and API layers for third-party vendor integration and focusing on modernizing the Customer's ecosystem with technologies like Event Grid. A significant innovation was embedding modern micro front ends into legacy web forms projects, requiring expert knowledge in .NET Core, SQL Server, Angular, and React.

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The Business Benefits

  • Accelerated Onboarding: Quick onboarding of new financial institutions, contributing to the Customer's largest client acquisition.

  • Enhanced Revenue Opportunities: Opened discussions for expanding the Customer's footprint and exploring new revenue streams.

Lessons Learned

  • Embrace Agile: Adopting Agile methodologies can significantly enhance collaboration, efficiency, and reduce technical debt.

  • Prioritize Requirement Gathering: Essential for aligning business objectives with technical solutions, saving time and resources.

  • Leverage Technical Expertise: The success of complex software projects relies on the deep technical expertise of the development team.

Why Improving?

Improving’s collaboration with the Customer led to significant advancements in onboarding processes, revenue opportunities, and technological modernization. By applying technical expertise and Agile methodologies, Improving delivered solutions aligning with the Customer's business goals, marking the project a success.

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