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Data Migration to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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The Customer

GSK is a global biopharma company with the purpose of uniting science, technology, and talent to get ahead of disease together.

The Project

Data Migration to Salesforce Marketing Cloud


GSK engaged Improving to migrate its US patient marketing operations from Adobe Campaigns to a dedicated business unit in the GSK Salesforce Marketing Cloud US account. This complex yet essential task streamlined GSK’s marketing efforts and improved the efficiency and effectiveness of its patient outreach campaigns. The transition from Adobe Campaigns to Salesforce Marketing Cloud involved careful planning, coordination, and execution. It required the expertise and knowledge of experienced professionals who could ensure a smooth and successful migration process.

The Challenge

GSK needed to find ways to solve unique complex requests like:

  • Multiple contact addresses per channel per “person,” each with their own marketing and legal consent

  • Recipient Scoring with their own criteria

  • Custom touch points within the Customer Journey for physical mailing and service outbound calls (not included in Marketing Cloud)

The Solution

Improving developed the following solutions:

  • Patient Data Model including Consent for each channel

  • Automated calculations for the Recipient Engagement Score Status for each individual subscriber email

  • Creation of flows to add physical mailing and outbound calls into journey touchpoints populating engagement data extensions exporting the resulting data into the provider SFTP site daily

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The Business Benefits

With the migration completed, GSK can leverage the powerful features and capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to optimize its patient engagement strategies, enhance the customer experience, and ultimately drive business growth. Through this transition, GSK can unlock new opportunities for growth and success in the competitive pharmaceutical industry.

Why Improving?

The campaign team ended up with the Data Architecture needed to create complex segmentations to launch their campaigns. Improving performed the migration from Adobe Campaigns to Salesforce Platform seamlessly, avoiding any impact to the physical mailing and outbound calls activities.

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