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Advanced Document Redaction Solution

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The Customer

Catalis is a leading provider of services to small government entities, specializing in payment systems and document reduction. Their clients include courts, licensing agencies, and other government organizations.

The Project

Advanced Document Redaction Solution


Catalis approached us with a specific challenge - the need for an advanced document redaction system. They required a solution that would automatically identify and redact sensitive information from documents, ensuring that only authorized individuals or entities have access to certain information.

The Challenge

Catalis faced the challenge of handling documents that contained sensitive information that needed to be redacted before being made public. Their existing system, although functional, was limited to on-premise infrastructure and could not scale to meet the growing demands of their clients. They needed a cloud-based solution that could be easily white-labeled and offered across different departments and verticals.

The Solution

Our team developed an all-cloud solution that leveraged existing machine learning (ML) services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). We utilized AWS TextTrack for optical character recognition (OCR) and AWS Comprehend for text analysis.

These services allowed us to automatically identify and redact sensitive information within the documents. By using serverless architecture powered by AWS Lambda and API Gateway, we ensured scalability and efficiency in processing documents. To store and manage the documents, we utilized AWS S3 as the main storage solution.

We also took advantage of AWS EventBridge and other event-driven services to create a seamless process flow for document redaction. Additionally, we implemented SNS and SQS for efficient event passing between different stages of the system.

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The Business Benefits

  • Increased Efficiency - With the implementation of the advanced document redaction system, Catalis experienced a significant increase in efficiency. The automated process reduced the time and effort required for manual redaction, allowing them to process documents at a much higher rate.

  • Cost Savings - By leveraging cloud-based services and serverless architecture, Catalis was able to reduce infrastructure costs. They no longer needed to maintain and upgrade on-premise servers, resulting in substantial cost savings.

  • Scalability - The cloud-based solution offered by our team allowed Catalis to easily scale its document redaction services across different departments and verticals. They could now offer the service to a larger client base, increasing their revenue potential.

  • Improved Security and Compliance - The advanced document redaction system ensured that sensitive information was properly redacted, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Catalis could confidently handle and process sensitive documents while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.


We worked closely with AWS throughout the project, leveraging their expertise and services to deliver an innovative and effective solution for Catalis. With the support of the AWS team, we were able to overcome technical challenges and ensure the successful implementation of the advanced document redaction system.

Lessons Learned

  • Proper POC - Conducting a thorough proof of concept (POC) allowed us to test different approaches and technologies before finalizing the solution. This approach helped us identify and address technical issues early on, resulting in a more efficient implementation.

  • Collaboration with AWS - The partnership with AWS proved to be invaluable. Leveraging the expertise of AWS technologists and account representatives, we were able to overcome technical blockers and ensure the smooth integration of their services into our solution.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability - The project taught us the importance of being adaptable and flexible in the face of evolving requirements. When the client requested additional features, such as manual redaction options for reviewers, we were able to quickly adapt our solution to meet their needs.

Why Improving?

The implementation of the advanced document redaction system by our team has provided Catalis with an efficient, scalable, and secure solution for handling sensitive documents. The cloud-based architecture, powered by AWS services, has significantly improved efficiency and reduced costs. Catalis can now offer the white-labeled document redaction service to a wider client base, generating additional revenue streams. The successful collaboration with AWS and the valuable lessons learned throughout the project have further strengthened our expertise in delivering innovative software solutions for our clients.


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