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State of DevSecOps

State of DevSecOps - As software development practices continue to evolve and accelerate, the importance of security in the software development lifecycle has become increasingly clear. DevSecOps has emerged as a methodology that integrates security into the development process from the outset, ensuring that applications are secure by design.In this talk, we will examine the current state of DevSecOps and explore the latest trends and best practices. We will look at the tools and techniques used in DevSecOps, including vulnerability scanning, threat modeling, and security testing, and discuss how these can be integrated into the development process.We will also examine the cultural and organizational changes that are required for successful implementation of DevSecOps, including the need for collaboration between development, security, and operations teams. We will discuss the challenges that organizations may face when implementing DevSecOps and provide guidance on how to overcome these obstacles.Finally, we will look to the future of DevSecOps and discuss emerging trends and technologies that are likely to shape the future of this methodology. Attendees of this talk will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the state of DevSecOps and how it can be implemented within their own organizations to ensure the security of their applications.

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