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Outcomes & Leadership: How UX can positively transform your business

What are the advantages for a business with high UX maturity, who’ve learned to apply UX methodologies and process correctly within their product development cycles? As you will learn from this talk, they are numerous and carry many benefits across the organization.    Leaders looking to harness the power of UX will learn how to reduce risk, become more proactive vs reactive, improve overall communication, and raise the bar on the quality of their products. Please join us for the 4th and final talk in our series “UX by Everyone”, which will focus on leaders generating meaningful outcomes when implementing UX practices, with the goal of positively transforming their business.   Leaders are faced with many challenges in the current landscape, and when it comes to UX, it’s easy to minimize the effectiveness of this capability as opposed to nurturing it and taking advantage of its full potential. In this talk we will showcase examples of how mature UX practices will increase efficiencies and improve the overall quality of your product design process. 

Michael D'Onofrio

Principal Consultant
Person - Michael D'Onofrio