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So You’ve Decided You Need More Quality

This discussion will give managers essential insights into the principles and practices of product quality within their organizations. The first part of the presentation covers foundational concepts of quality management, exploring the significance of feedback loops in your organization, the role of continuous improvement, and the propagation of quality throughout your organization. Managers will gain a practical overview of the foundations and goal-setting for a successful quality effort.

In the second part of the presentation, the focus shifts to strategies and tools that managers can employ to foster a culture of quality within their teams. From tracking customer feedback to implementing quality control processes, participants will learn actionable steps to drive quality outcomes. The presentation also addresses the crucial aspect of communication in quality management, emphasizing the need for clear expectations, honest communication, and collaboration across departments. The presentation can help any manager aiming to elevate their organization's performance through a robust and integrated approach to quality management.

Headshot - Christopher Owens