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Our Journey As The 2023 Google Cloud Public Sector Partner Of The Year For Canada

Sarthak Routh

Marketing Manager
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August 30, 2023 | 6 Minute Read

YoppWorks, an Improving Company, is proud to announce that we have been recognized as the 2023 Google Cloud Public Sector Partner Of The Year For Canada for our achievements in helping Canadian public sector clients adopt and successfully implement cloud solutions in support of their digital transformation objectives. This award highlights the collective work and impact of our Google Cloud public sector team in creating and implementing effective business solutions for the departments and agencies of Canada’s federal and provincial governments. 

Working in partnership with Google Cloud has provided YoppWorks with the opportunity to leverage leading-edge technologies to create solutions that have enabled scientists and researchers to seamlessly access, manage, and provision in-demand cloud computing resources, streamlined document processing workflows for various departments and agencies, and assisted numerous provincial governments with beginning their digital transformation journey.

Our Beginnings With Google Cloud

When we first partnered with Google Cloud, we leveraged our expertise in platform engineering and application development in order to deliver solutions that used best-of-breed technologies on the Google Cloud Platform. Many of our clients are still using legacy on-premise applications and IT infrastructure, which presents challenges stemming from high operating costs, as well as reduced scalability and performance. Our team was able to successfully highlight numerous benefits around migration, optimization, and cloud-native application development to our public sector clients. Leveraging Google Cloud technologies, our strong partnership with the Google team, and our extensive expertise, we were able to help public sector organizations across Canada adopt solutions that initiated and accelerated their digital transformation journey on Google Cloud Platform. Our public sector clients include a Canadian federal government research organization, a Government of Canada department, the Government of Ontario, the Government of Quebec, and the Government of New Brunswick.

Our Successes On Google Cloud

High-Performance Computing in the Cloud

With each successful deployment of a cloud landing zone or a cloud-native application, our Google Cloud public sector team was able to develop the experience and knowledge that has allowed them to create transformative solutions for our clients. One such example is our work in developing and deploying a powerful and intuitive scientific computing portal application to help scientists at a Canadian federal government research organization access, manage, and provision on-demand high-performance computing, AI, and machine learning resources on the cloud. Our Google Cloud team engaged with the client who indicated that long wait times to access on-premise HPC, AI, & ML resources greatly hindered the ability of the agency’s researchers to engage in mission-critical research initiatives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Having identified this challenge, our team developed a scientific computing portal application that enabled researchers to leverage the automated provisioning of secure cloud-based scientific computing environments, project lifecycle management, and cost control features to achieve their research objectives with increased agility and efficiency. With the implementation of the scientific computing portal solution, our public sector client experienced benefits that included a lowered cost of ownership and improved accessibility of high-performance computing resources. Researchers are now able to seamlessly access HPC, AI, & ML resources on Google Cloud without some of the aforementioned limitations.

Photo 1 - Our Journey As The 2023 Google Cloud Public Sector Partner Of The Year For Canada

Automating Document Workflows with AI

Government departments and agencies deliver services to millions of Canadians every year, a task that necessitates the accurate processing of countless documents, photos, and forms. Traditional document processing workflows are labor-intensive, including the painstaking work of understanding and entering handwritten or multilingual data, itemizing and matching multiple documents to a single application, and even paying for manual translation services. These challenges often lead to delays in applicant intake, verification, and enrollment which overwhelms public service workers, while taking attention and resources away from higher-value initiatives.

With the recognition of these numerous challenges, we identified that Document AI, a suite of Google AI services designed to accelerate image and document processing times on Google Cloud, would be a perfect fit for a large Government of Canada department. Through the implementation of a backlog processing solution, a Document AI Warehouse POC, and an ATIP data loss prevention solution, we were able to provide our customer with a comprehensive solution that dramatically accelerated their digital transformation initiatives, reduced their document and image processing costs, as well as improved their overall operational efficiency. 

Photo 2 - Our Journey As The 2023 Google Cloud Public Sector Partner Of The Year For Canada

Lessons Learned

We have learned numerous lessons from our experience working with Canadian public sector clients that have turned out to be instrumental in our team’s ability to deliver effective and efficient solutions. These include:

1. Prioritizing security and compliance when designing solutions for the public sector, and anticipating the time needed to navigate stringent security and accountability requirements.

2. Developing technical documentation that is thorough yet accessible to a broad range of stakeholders, and taking extra time towards ensuring that non-technical stakeholders have the information they need.

3. Taking the time to understand our client’s organizational context, and establishing clear channels of communication between our team, our client, and our client’s stakeholders, to ensure across-the-board alignment on the project’s objectives.

The Road Ahead

In 2022, we earned our Google Cloud expertise in Open Source technologies, which was a milestone that recognised our ability to create transformative solutions for our public sector clients using best-of-breed open-source technologies on Google Cloud Platform. With this milestone, our recognition as the 2023 Google Cloud Public Sector Partner Of The Year For Canada, and our previous successes, we look forward to continuing to leverage our partnership with Google Cloud to deliver impactful and innovative solutions for the Canadian public sector.

Google Cloud Next ‘23 & Beyond

When our team was informed that we were awarded the 2023 Google Cloud Public Sector Partner Of The Year For Canada designation, we were, simply put, delighted. The timing of this award aligned perfectly with our team’s presence at this year’s Google Cloud Next ‘23, which has been a rewarding experience for them as they continue their journey in expanding their knowledge, skills, and experiences on Google Cloud Platform to better serve Canada’s public sector. With our cumulative experiences at Google Cloud Next ‘23 and our recognition as the 2023 Google Cloud Public Sector Partner Of The Year For Canada, we feel even more energized and ready to work with new and existing public sector clients by helping them deliver digital services to Canadians more efficiently and effectively.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we’re helping public sector departments and agencies realize their digital transformation initiatives, feel free to reach out to our team!

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