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Cultivating Conscious Culture Within Your Personal Life

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February 21, 2024 | 3 Minute Read

Conscious Capitalism is a transformative set of ideas that guides companies to operate ethically while also pursuing profit. It is a philosophy that Improving is very dedicated to as we strive to elevate and broaden the way traditional businesses operate. 

The four pillars of Conscious Capitalism are Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Leadership, and Conscious Culture. In this new blog series, we unravel the wisdom within these pillars and Conscious Capitalism as a whole and flip it on its head by looking at how we can use these traits in our personal lives to become better, more mindful people. 

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Conscious Capitalism Pillar #3: Conscious Culture

Conscious Culture is made up of the values, principles, and practices that are the underlying social fabric of a business. When you bring it into your personal life, it becomes your approach and philosophy to life.   

While higher purpose serves as a North Star that casts its influence over our lives, conscious culture delves into the intricate details of it. So, you can take your purpose statement (crafted through higher purpose) and use it to determine who you are as an individual. From there, deploying your conscious culture allows you to showcase your purpose statement, influencing and impacting your stakeholders in a profound way. 

How to Craft Your Conscious Culture:

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Conscious Capitalism provides 10 qualities of a conscious culture to organizations who want to create one within their business. You can take these qualities and focus on three of them to guide you as an individual. Personally, I have chosen trust, caring, and learning to steer my path in my conscious culture journey. 

While choosing your qualities, consider the image you wish to project to the world. Do you want to be perceived as kind and caring? Is your natural inclination toward introversion or extroversion? Would you prefer to be recognized as easygoing and fun or more professional and buttoned-up? 

While there is truth in being authentic to yourself, there tends to be a fixed mindset among individuals where they believe they are who they are, and they cannot change. However, an equally important truth is that you can choose to be whoever you want to be.

You can choose to react positively to situations. You can choose to look at things from an optimistic side of things. Of course, people are predisposed to one side or the other, but ultimately, you possess free will that empowers you to choose how you want to shape your conscious culture. 

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Questions to ask yourself while thinking through your conscious culture:

  1. Is your conscious culture aligned with your higher purpose? 

  2. Is your conscious culture actively engaging your stakeholders? 

  3. Are you enabling others to see your conscious culture? 

Truthfully, conscious culture lacks the tangible aspects found in higher purpose and stakeholder orientation. While you cannot touch it or smell it, you can see it and you should feel it. It’s crucial to maintain internal awareness, deliberateness, and intentionality while bringing conscious culture to life.  

This will be a journey of self-discovery and an ongoing commitment to engaging with stakeholders authentically and purposefully. It not only will enrich your life but also create a positive ripple effect in the world around you. Want to learn more about conscious capitalism and how you can integrate it into your life or work? Contact us here. 


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