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Jason W. Taylor

President, CodeLaunch
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Jason W. Taylor is the President and Founder of CodeLaunch, an innovative and unique seed accelerator that is guided by the pillars of Conscious Capitalism. CodeLaunch is the flagship marketing event for Improving.

Jason was raised in Oklahoma in the 80s and was passionate about modems and BBS culture. While in school at Oklahoma in 1994, he co-founded Internet Complete with his BBS buddies. Although he moved on in 1996 to start his career after college, ICNET still thrives today!

After earning an undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1995, Jason invested the early part of his career as a hands-on technologist and became a passionate and skilled product architect specializing in Microsoft platforms. It was that experience that led him to start Code Authority in Frisco, TX in 2001, which was also acquired by Improving in 2019 with CodeLaunch (founded in 2013).

In 2016, Jason was recognized by the Frisco, TX Chamber of Commerce as Entrepreneur of the Year due to the impact of CodeLaunch and the success of Code Authority. Code Authority was later named Frisco TX Medium Business of the Year in 2019.

Together with support from Improving, Jason focuses on scaling CodeLaunch into an international startup ecosystem amenity that is known for consistently generating early-stage tech startup success stories and injecting rocket fuel into startup ecosystems everywhere.