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Daniel Scheufler

Principal Consultant
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Daniel Scheufler is a Principal Consultant with experience in ECommerce, TeleMedicine, and of course Oil and Gas. As an Electrical Engineer turned Software Developer, He prides himself on highly disciplined development leading to more effective products and processes. He is a problem-solver at heart and leverages this strength in applying industrial theory to the challenges of software development. Among the key challenges facing development is the communication gap. So Daniel has taken to blogging, public speaking, and consulting to help bridge the gap and demystify the technology our world depends on. When not engaged in tackling the gap, or coding, you'll find Daniel playing with his children, reading, or tinkering whether in the woodshop or in a computer.

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Best Current Practices, Part 2: When to NOT Follow the Rules

In part 2 of this series, we will discuss when you can break the rules and choose to not use best practices.