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Improving is a technology consulting firm specializing in SAP analytics solutions. We are an SAP Gold Partner and are seen as the leader in Analytic Solutions within the SAP North American marketplace.

SAP Services & Solutions

At Improving, we proudly stand as a Gold Certified provider of SAP Solutions, delivering excellence and innovation at every turn. Our dedication is centered around empowering your business with tailor-made solutions. Below, explore our extensive suite of services, each carefully designed to advance your business to the next level. Your success is the measure of our commitment, let us journey together towards your business transformation.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Improving can help organizations leverage SAP Analytics Cloud, a cloud-based analytics platform that integrates with various SAP systems. SAC offers features such as data visualization, planning, predictive analytics, and augmented analytics.

  • SAP Gold Partner is committed to providing your organization with full licenses and service models.

  • Onsite or Virtual Assessments to help build an analytics vision, verify your current roadmap, or provide a complimentary health check on your current reporting/planning landscape.

  • Vertical-based options to understand not only what is happening within your organization but also within your industry.

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SAP Business Technology Platform Solutions

Improving can help design and implement SAP BTP solutions using SAP platforms like SAP BW/4HANA (Business Warehouse for SAP HANA) or SAP Datasphere. These solutions provide a centralized and structured repository for data storage, integration, and reporting.

  • Consultation Services that demonstrate how to integrate with your own data partners and external data sources, enabling companies to gain a better understanding of their business data and make more informed decisions.

  • Assistance with User Adoption for data enrichment and interaction between SAP and non-SAP data.

  • Discovery and Demo Sessions available for both Datasphere and SAC integration.

SAP Group Reporting

Improving can help design SAP Group Reporting, which enables the consolidation of financial data from various entities, subsidiaries, and business units into a unified view. It automates the process of aggregating financial data, eliminating manual errors, and improving efficiency. SAP Group Reporting allows organizations to collect financial data from various sources, including SAP and non-SAP systems and provides data validation mechanisms to ensure data accuracy and completeness before the consolidation process.

  • Financial Consolidation Roadmap Offering: Let our teams help organize a transparent, end-to-end process for data orchestration and financial statements generation, leveraging the world's best technology platforms.

  • Let us show you how to connect within SAP Analytics Cloud, ensuring your organization can seamlessly perform complex analyses, build beautiful dashboards, and have access to these real-time findings everywhere.

  • Real-Time Data can be achieved through SAP S/4HANA, SAP's intelligent system that combines your firm's transactional and analytical information into one single platform, providing access to real-time data. Let us help you show how Group Reporting can be one of the catalysts in your S/4HANA journey.

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SAP Testimonial - Sotheby's
The Improving consultants are experienced and extremely knowledgeable. The product itself is powerful, easy to use, and provides valuable insights, reports, & analytics as well as process improvements.

- Jessica Gentile, AVP Finance Manager

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