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Microsoft Partnership

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Our Microsoft Partnership

Improving is a national system integrator with resources covering North America while providing the service and attention you would expect from a local partner.  Our scale and resources allow us to service companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries regardless of how large or small your needs may be. As a Microsoft Partner, we cover all the Microsoft Solution Areas assisting our clients to connect IT priorities with business needs through digital transformation to drive execution and cultivate continuous innovation. 

Improving has also made significant investments in our partnership with Microsoft to gain access to specialized Microsoft Programs allowing us to extend additional benefits to our clients. Microsoft programs such as Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), FastTrack, and Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP) are a few of the programs that allow our clients to leverage additional Microsoft benefits by partnering with Improving. 

Improving's Microsoft Solution Areas

With the Microsoft technology stack, Improving will help your organization innovate, build, and migrate faster as we assess the opportunities and roadblocks, share best practices, and deliver actionable recommendations all while assuring a seamless knowledge transfer to your team. Our goal is to help provide you with a more secure and better employee and customer experience. 

Microsoft Zero Trust Security Framework

At Improving, security is the foundation of every project and spans the entire Microsoft technology stack. Improving follows the Microsoft Zero Trust Framework approach in our project designs and implementations to monitor, investigate, and remediate. From device compliance and management to data loss prevention we help manage the discrete cost while analyzing and responding to threats to keep your people, applications, data, and networks more secure. 

  • Device – Mitigate compliance and privacy risk 

  • Applications – Secure access  

  • User – Secure identities 

  • Data – Protect and govern sensitive data

  • Platform (Cloud) – Secure multi-cloud environments 

  • Threat Protection and Detection – Defend against threats 

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Microsoft Azure

Digital and Application Innovation – Innovate and scale with cloud-native apps, modernize enterprise applications, enable developer productivity, and accelerate delivery 

  • Agile principles – ensure alignment of enterprise product sets 

  • Alignment – mapping business needs and values with technical strategies 

  • Accelerate delivery – enabling continuous deployment and integration with DevOps principals 

  • Integration – leverage the latest cloud capabilities and feature development with new and existing cloud solutions 

  • Application creation – build scalable and secure enterprise applications for any platform or device 

Core Infrastructure – Migrate and modernize your infrastructure, workloads, and applications at scale while protecting your data and ensuring business resiliency. 

  • Compute – scale and virtual machines, PaaS journey, containerization strategies, and managing your development environments 

  • CI/CD – new build efforts, time to deploy and downtime, release strategy, automated testing, and rollback strategy 

  • Foundation – infrastructure as code (IAC), automation, workload orchestration, Networking (API/WAF), and cloud landing zones 

  • Monitoring & Observability – application performance and monitoring management, dashboards (alerts, response, and troubleshooting) 

  • Security – identity validation, secure code guidance, patching, testing, scanning, and response planning 

Data and AI – Migrate and modernize your data estate, power business decisions with cloud-scale analytics, innovate with AI in cloud-scale databases in every application, and enable unified data governance 

  • Cloud Data Platforms – building or integrating the tooling (Databricks, Cosmos, Synapse Snowflake, Kafka, etc..) around multiple data cloud platforms that are fit for purpose adding value to the business from the data provided 

  • Quality and Modernized Data Engineering – engineering rooted in best practices around development, deployment, testing, and data quality 

  • Real-Time Data Insights – gaining insights from data as it happens using tools such as Kafka, Azure Event Grid, and Azure Service Bus to make timely and informed decisions 

  • Machine Learning – translate raw data gathered from various data pipelines into data science models that can be applied and scaled as needed 

  • Machine Learning Ops (ML Ops) – build scalable production-grade ML solutions through automation of deployment, training, and versioning of models while maintaining products in your ML environment making your models more 

  • Modern Data Architecture and Strategy – assessing architecture to provide context around connecting organizations’ needs to business value and IT priorities. 

  • Cognitive Services – build high-quality vision, speech, language, and decision-making AI models through simple API calls, and create machine learning models accordingly. 

  • Data Governance – the process of managing, monitoring, and protecting data through the establishment of policies, procedures, and standards to ensure its integrity, availability, and security.

Modern Work 

Improving’s focus around Modern Work is to deliver a secure and uniform digital experience on any device in any location.  Our focus on delivery centers around simplifying the management of identities and devices, integration, communications, content organization, and surfacing information across the entire organization. 

  • Messaging – productivity solutions designed for modern ways of working 

  • Collaboration – bringing together internal and external teams to boost productivity and user experience 

  • Endpoint Management – securing organizational solutions, devices, data, and environments 

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Business Applications

Power Platform – Creating efficient and flexible solutions with low-code tools to empower organizations to scale using intelligent insights.

  • Analyze – make informed business decisions by utilizing data-driven insights 

  • Automate – elevate business productivity by streamlining organizational processes 

  • Assist – handle routine scenarios at scale without allocating or utilizing resources 

Dynamics 365 – Applications to increase operational efficiency and customer experiences 

  • Sales and Marketing (CRM) – drive more revenue by connecting sales and marketing by offering insights from unified data, and collaboration and productivity tools 

  • Custom Applications – turn ideas into organizational solutions by building custom applications that integrate and solve business challenges

Improving’s Extended Microsoft Partnership Programs 

Improving works directly with Microsoft Consulting Services and other internal Microsoft Teams. This strengthens Improving’s partnerships in multiple business units and multiple key stakeholders at Microsoft that reach beyond our dedicated Microsoft Partner Development Manager.  

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) 

As a Microsoft CSP Improving drives deep relationships with our clients and enables us to meet all your cloud needs. We provide subscription purchasing, migration, and ongoing support and maintenance. Improving’s CSP program is designed to deliver a great support experience centered on migration and ongoing support. We offer services, education, and events specifically designed for our CSP customer community.

Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP)

The AMMP program is designed and offered exclusively to Microsoft Azure Specialized partners to accelerate the client’s journey to the cloud with a mix of best practices, guidance, resources, and expert help at every stage. As part of this program, Improving can meet customers wherever they are in their cloud journey. With the AMMP program, Improving can nominate eligible Microsoft clients for special assistance such as funding and access to Microsoft Azure Engineers.

Microsoft FastTrack Program 

As an approved Microsoft Fast-Track Partner, Improving is recognized as a partner that can provide extended benefits more efficiently such as customized and enhanced deployment solutions to our clients. 

Custom Intellectual Property (IP) Development 

The Microsoft Technology Stack designs and builds custom solutions that solve unique business challenges for organizations. Our Innovative Background Check Solution was designed using Microsoft Azure Government Cloud utilizing the highest level of government security. Our solution serves the needs of multiple agencies around the US that require a digital, secure, and expedient process for fingerprinting and background checks. 

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