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Your Trusted Google Cloud Partner

As a trusted Google Cloud Partner, Improving is committed to providing our commercial and public sector clients with transformative services and solutions on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With our expertise in open-source technologies, Improving’s Google Cloud team has been instrumental in developing and delivering best-in-class services and solutions that have had a profound impact on how our enterprise and public sector clients have navigated their digital transformation journeys. Our expertise on Google Cloud Platform spans a range of platform engineering and application development services, with a focus on providing our clients with a secure, scalable, and strategic pathway to the cloud. 

Our Services On Google Cloud Platform

Legacy on-premise applications and systems are often costly to maintain, update, and scale to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving technological landscape. In response to these challenges, we have developed a suite of application and infrastructure modernization service offerings and solutions that have helped our commercial and public sector clients successfully navigate their journey to the cloud from their legacy on-premise systems.

Improving’s expertise in cloud engineering and application development on Google Cloud Platform includes helping our clients begin their journey on the cloud through the customization and deployment of security standard-compliant Cloud Landing Zones, migrating their VMs and Databases through our Lift & Shift service offering, optimizing and refactoring legacy software to run in containerized environments, and developing cloud-native applications using best-of-breed technologies, methodologies, and architectures.

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Cloud Landing Zones

Cloud Landing Zones, also referred to as cloud foundations, are the modular and scalable configurations that enable organizations to begin their journey to the cloud. At Improving, our expertise in Cloud Landing Zones on Google Cloud Platform has enabled our commercial and public sector clients to deploy, use, and scale their Google Cloud services in a secure and structured manner. We help our clients begin their journey on the cloud by creating and setting up their Cloud Landing Zone which includes:

  • Integrating existing identity providers with Google Identity

  • Provisioning shared network infrastructure, including cloud-to-ground connectivity 

  • Working with the client’s ITSec teams to ensure the GCP landing zone is aligned with security compliance requirements (NIST 800 53, ITSG-33/PBMM, PCI/DSS) 

Lift & Shift - Virtual Machine and Database Cloud Migration

Lift & Shift migrations involve moving workloads from a source to a target environment with minimal modifications to a client’s virtual machines or databases. These changes allow our clients to experience the benefits of deploying and running their software on Google Cloud Platform without the need for a more comprehensive approach that involves rewriting or refactoring their applications. 

Our Lift & Shift cloud migration services includes: 

  • Discovery sessions to inventory your application workloads

  • A detailed migration plan that includes a target cloud architecture

  • Implementation of the migration strategy as outlined in the plan

  • Testing, optimization, and validation of migrated workloads

  • Knowledge transfer and training sessions

Image - Lift & Shift - Virtual Machine and Database Cloud Migration
Image - Application & Infrastructure Modernization

Application & Infrastructure Modernization

Our team has extensive experience with application and infrastructure modernization, which we leverage to provide our clients with the most efficient path to the cloud. When migrating workloads to Google Cloud Platform, we are often able to optimize the existing code base, thus avoiding a complete application rewrite. This approach unlocks the benefits of cloud-based deployments, including improved scalability, performance, and security, while at the same time providing continuity by re-using languages, business logic, and technologies strategic to the client’s organization. 

Our approach to application optimization involves leveraging containerization, open-source technologies, and CI/CD pipeline automation to provide tangible benefits to our client’s including:

  • Increase in development velocity, leading to a faster and more robust release cycle

  • Improved workload performance and reliability

  • Ability to scale resource utilization in line with business needs

In addition to our cloud optimization approach, we also offer more comprehensive application modernization services, including rewriting and refactoring your legacy application to leverage best-of-breed cloud-native technologies on Google Cloud Platform.

AI/ML & Cloud-Native Application Development

Our team has developed numerous custom software solutions that have helped our commercial and public sector clients leverage the benefits of Google Cloud Platform to meet their strategic and tactical objectives. From developing a portal application that enables and empowers scientists with a means of easily provisioning and managing cloud-based high performance computing clusters, as well as AI, and Machine Learning resources, to creating a Document AI solution that drastically accelerates document processing workflows at a major Government of Canada department, our approach to application development is driven by our client’s strategic needs.Our cloud-native application development services for Google Cloud Platform include:

  • Architectural Assessments

  • Architectural Guidance

  • Application Development & Delivery

  • Implementation of Green Coding Principles

Image - AIML & Cloud-Native Application Development

Google Cloud Public Sector Partner of the Year for Canada

Our team has been instrumental in shaping and leading Improving’s strategic partnership with Google Cloud, delivering best-in-class cloud engineering and application development services for the Canadian public sector. As a testament to our commitment to excellence, YoppWorks, an Improving Company, has been recognized as the 2023 Google Cloud Public Sector Partner of the Year for Canada.

Image - Google Cloud Award 2023

This award recognizes our achievements in helping our Canadian public sector clients successfully achieve their digital transformation objectives. Furthermore, it highlights the collective work and impact of our Google Cloud public sector team in creating and implementing transformative solutions for departments and agencies in Canada’s federal and provincial governments. Our partnership with Google Cloud has allowed us to create and deploy solutions that have enabled scientists and researchers to seamlessly access, manage, and provision on-demand cloud computing resources, streamline document processing workflows using artificial intelligence, and assist numerous provincial governments in beginning their journey on Google Cloud. To learn more about our award, click on the link to read our press release.

Our Work

In partnership with Google Cloud, we have successfully helped a range of clients across both the commercial and public sectors with our solutions on GCP. Our successes include:

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