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Known for its tequila, mariachi, and rich history, Guadalajara boasts a state-of-the-art workspace for more than 550 outstanding Improvers.  

Our Guadalajara office continues to lead the nearshore development wave in Mexico and has provided over 10 years of experience delivering custom software solutions and integration systems. Our combination of experienced and dedicated talent, lower costs, real-time collaboration, and close proximity teaming helps our clients to do more with less. 


Av. Patria 888
Loma Real
Guadalajara, Jalisco 45129
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Our Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Mexico enterprises support and respect the protection of human rights and reject any type of abuse. Our CSR initiatives promote quality education, gender equality, support of associations in need and close the poverty gap, reduce inequalities, and empower people. All these are in a frame of inclusion and diversity.

Our Guadalajara President

Guillermo Ortega headshot
We focus on hiring top talent and instilling a fantastic company culture in which every Improver can enjoy.

Our Guadalajara Executive Team

Sandy Hermosillo

Director, Community Relations

Adriana Reid

Global Operations

Jorge Becerra

IT & Support

Esteban Cortes

Talent Management

Carlos Cevallos

Global Delivery

Luis Colorado

Delivery Specialist
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Nearshore Software Development & IT Consulting Services in Guadalajara, MX

Our Guadalajara enterprise (formerly iTexico and Zigatta) leads our nearshore software development and IT consulting services model. With over 300 in-house employees and more than a decade of experience, we have no shortage of technology consultants, UX designers, and software engineers ready to turn your project concept into a functioning, integral component of your business that will help accelerate your growth.

Guadalajara Nearshore Software Development

Our team of software developers and engineers work alongside your stakeholders to plan, design, and develop a custom software solution specified to meet your business goals. We empower organizations to become more productive and efficient through process automation, systems integration, and reducing human capital to allow your business to grow at a continuous rate.

Guadalajara Nearshore IT Consulting Services

We help enterprises create lasting and sustainable growth and competitiveness through the enablement of modern technology. Our team of IT consultants and analysts work alongside your stakeholders to provide expert insight into the right technology usage and application to help promote your organization's digital transformation.

Guadalajara Nearshore Staffing

Reliable IT teams are expensive and hard to find - but they don't have to be! With our nearshore staffing model, we source and contract only the most talented individuals on the market and we pass the savings on to you. Whether your enterprise needs a short-term individual or an entire project team, we have the resources available to make that happen.

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